23 Jul 2015

Getting my Blue On - Magic

So I love playing me some Blue.
Phenax, God of Deception
by Wizards of the Coast

Seriously I'm a annoying, dickish, jerkward, dirty Blue player.

I've been playing alot with Tambourine, Big Red, and Lady Bear a bit more these days and it's been a blast. I got an ok pool with the pre-release when I was paired with Pale Rider for the Two-Headed Giant. Alas Dawn Seeker drew a great fucking Blue card pool for the event that definitely made me a bit green, due to jealousy not because I have a need to play Green, the magic colour.

Last night, I'm writing this on a Sunday morning, Lady Bear played with my Blue/White 'Jail' Deck - my deck with a huge focus on board control and found a inkling of love for the colour Blue.

In short I'm loving the colour Blue these days.

Yet I loves it. Below is a video from of Spellslingers (episode 2 of season 3) where a fellow Blue player who is playing my favorite combo, Blue/Black aka Dimir player or worshiper of Phenax.

Great game lets look at what Blue spells really took my attention with Magic: Origins after the break.

Clash of Wills - XU
Clash of Wills
by Wizards of the Coast

Clash of Wills is a great low level counter spell. It has the illusion of a chance to pay out of having your spell countered but most Blue players will make sure to use it when you're all but tapped of your mana or when you won't have enough to pay the cost.

For two mana a Blue player is able to lock down early plays when most players are tapping everything to get out their mid game creatures or when players are trying to pull a fast release of a larger play due to some other effect. These plays can really put the game in the player's control and getting canned with a cheap counter can really shake an opponent.

All in all a great counterspell with some fluidity.

It's an uncommon but I can see it really impact in draft or sealed events.

If you're playing Blue keep an eye out for this card.

Sphinx's Tutelage - 2U

This card is awesome.
Sphinx's Tutelage
by Wizards of the Coast

For a cheap cost this card can ruin games. When you drop this card, each turn is a mill of two cards. If those cards are nonland and of the same colour, your opponent will repeat the process. It triggers each time you draw a card. It also has embedded in it a way to go draw another card if you have spare mana.

This card won me my second game at the pre-release with Pale Rider. One of the players was pulling lots of cards from his deck, so he became the target of my few mill spells.

They had plenty of creatures to attack us and drop me and the PaleRider past zero life. The opponent who I had targetted with my milling had 5 cards left and he was playing Red/Black.

Our turn started, I drew my card and he milled a red and a black card. So I paid the 6 cost ability on Sphinx's Tutelage I drew a card and discarded a land. My opponent drew two black cards... causing the mill the happen again killing his final card - a mountain. We passed the turn and vola they were milled out, second game a win.

Loved it.
Talent of the Telepath
by Wizards of the Coast

Talent of the Telepath - 2UU

It mills seven cards and allows you to use of the instants of sorcery cards milled. If you've got enough cards in your graveyard it will kick in Spell Mastery.

Spell Mastery is an extra effect of a cast spell if the caster has two or more instant or sorcery spells in their graveyards.

In this case, Talent of the Telepath's Spell Mastery effect allows the caster to cast two of the instant or sorcery spells that are milled free of cost.

Red and Black would hate this, suddenly feeling the effects of their own tricks. Blue and White would feel less as their selection of spells are not so much limited but situational in when they are most effective. Blue players will find this card very annoying when a slew of bounce spells are thrown back in their faces and counterspells are simply tossed in teh graveyard.

Final Thoughts
All in all, Origins has some great core cards to play with and the selection of Blue cards are welcome additions.

- Cheers