29 Jul 2015

BBQ 2 - Food

Working the smokers
So Rocko's final summer cottage is coming up in a few days. As per norm Lady Bear and I always make sure we plan dna have plenty of food for Rocko and ourselves. We also ask if anyone else is interest in jumping in to share the load of the food.

So I have 3 dinners and 3 lunches to prep and plan for.

I've convinced the Dutchman, Dawn Seeker, Pale Rider and Pale Lady to join in the fun. Together by ow collective powers combined we will make this final hurrah at Rocko's cottage a unforgettable fun filled long weekend.

Step one - take off Friday from work.
Step two - hit Costco in the province of Quebec in order to collect the meats, supplies and cheap booze that only a Costco in Quebec can offer.
Step three- drive the 1.5 hours to the Cottage enjoying the vistas of rolling hills, pine forests, and rising mountains.

Allow me to show off this weekends menu.

Friday -
Dinner: Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil - newspaper and table
Fuck the plates - bring the sauce and napkins
After watching Mind of a Chef, Season 2, Episode 7 - Low Country BBQ, I've always wanted to have me some Low Country BBQ and get in on the table covered stew that is also known as Frogmore Stew.

Cottage Life Volume 28, Number 24 just so happened to have a Canadian version of the Low Country Boil. The use beer and water for the base, and it has potato, kielbasa, chicken legs, shrimp, and mussels. Serve with melted butter, pour it on the table covered in newspaper or butchers paper and vola - communal feast dig right in.

Why would you not want to eat this...
because you're the devil and you're lame
It takes 45 mins in the boiler, serve it with beer and vola that should make my Friday at the cottage that much simpler.

Setup in case of Rain
Big Red's Backyard
Saturday -

Lunch: Deli Sammich with side salads.

Gona snag some fancy deli meats and some egg bread with some easy condiments. Add in a salad with greens, onion, tomato, and goat cheese with a sprinkle of walnuts. This should tide folks over for dinner.

Dinner: Smoked Beef Brisket, grilled veg and skewered meats on a stick (shish-kebab)

Smoker 1 - Big Red's (Brown Top)
Smoker 2 - Dozer's (open with Beef Brisket
Sunday -

Lunch: Burgers

Dinner: Smoked/Grilled Salmon with grilled Veg.

So that's Rocko's cottage menu and I hope it turns out well.

Speaking of lessons learned -

Big Red's whole Chicken, smoked
Last week I and Big Red ran the smokers side by side. He did a whole chicken and I did another round of Beef Brisket.

My smoker is always one version behind in design. Big Red has a extra plate inside shielding the bird from direct heat while letting the smoke mover around it to cook it.

The bird was smoked and now it's served
As you can see from the pics it turned out really well. I ran with my brisket but without the plate I had direct heat applied to my meat. It came out well minus the 45 mins where it ran hot no matter what we did and so instead of bark I had a brilliant thick layer of beef jerky... which me and Lady Bear ate for breakfast the next day.

So fucking good.

So the adventures in 'real' BBQ continue.

In mid August, Aunt D (guest posting here from the Weather Vane Sisterhood) will be stopping by and staying with Papa Bear (her Brother) and Mama Bear. My god father, Billy Bob and his wife will be also joining in the fun.

Of course I volunteered to cook. Plan A: Smoke something delicious. Plan B: Low Country Boil, Plan C: Do both, Plan D: screwing up Plans A through C.

So as the final month of summer closes in - remember to snag some food and cook it outside.

Discover the love of BBQ. The joys and flavors that come with the community style of cooking where everything is shared.
Dozer's Beef Brisket - 1/2 way done

It's awesome.

Trust the fuck head

- Cheers