10 Jun 2015

To my Moby - Family

I have a dog named Moby. I was not a dog person until I met Lady Bear and she introduced me to her first and origional life partner - Moby. When we snuggle in for the day he love sticking close to her. when she's sick - try and move the bastard and you'll be annoyed that he's sticking close to her.

He gets the most camera time in this post.

Moby was a dick yesterday but I don't think dog so I may be misunderstanding he intentions outside of food, poop, and sleep. I love the big guy even when he's a pain in my human ass. I love him and when I read about pooches that do great things I always think about Moby.

Today I read this.

Seems a Blind Service dog, golden retreiver named Figo was with his owner, Audry Stone (age 62) when a small school bus was going to hit Audry. Figo was going to have none of this.

The good boy, put itself between the bus and his owner, to shield her from the bus that was transporting two kindergardeners. Figo and Audry were injured and when responders arrived Figo refused to leave Audry's side.

I don't blame Figo, he just took a bus for the lady. Why stop there, Figo is fully commited at this point.

It's not the first time he's taken a hit for Audry either, as he stops shopping carts from crashing into her while they spend time at the grocers.

Figo is one of many dogs who help us.

In war there are service dogs, I've written already once about Cici and her owner and former parter, Sargeant Bos.

Dogs are unique as they are innocents, like a child. They are also full of potential to do great deeds and become partners.

Dogs time on this world are short, I like this kid's reason. I like to think this kid has got something right with his reasoning.

To all the pooches that guard us, work with us, and love us. Welcome to the family, enjoy the treat and 'Good Pup, here's a treat.'

- Cheers