5 Jun 2015

Sense8 - Media

I am a fan of  Andy and Lana Wachowski. I love the Matrix, Cloud Atlas, and Speed Racer. Jupiter Ascending and V for Vendetta. I also love me some Babylon 5, Midnight Nation, Squadron Supreme, and the nominated film Changeling… all works of J. Michael Straczynski.

Sense8 is at the new baby of these three minds powered by Netflix. Most critics who posted their reviews today had only watched the first three episodes. Only one of the reviews I found had watched the whole series. 

"And here's the thing: I like a show with diversity. I like a show with ambition. I like a show with balls. I like these characters. I like "Sense8." And I am 100 percent interested in seeing what happens next.” Liz Shannon Miller, Indweller, June 5, 2015 at 12:22PM

But the final lines of Liz Shannon Miller’s review sums up my opinion since I finished episode three with Lady Bear on the couch after a long day/week of work. 

Surrounded by the last Jalapeno Poppers, half empty Domino’s Boxes, some Newman’s Grape Juice, Moby on a rainy Friday afternoon… that's a good afternoon. 

Sense8 is a great show. I feels like I’m watching Lost. Same languid pacing that gives you  just enough to keep you hooked but slowly taking its time to peel back the layers of the plot and the premises. 

I love the multinational thrust of the show and the humanity it’s expressing. With a slew of interesting primary characters. 

Watch this show - this is Netflix trying and it’s a win. Vote with your coin and I hope Netflix supports a second season. 

Enjoy the trailer

- Cheers