29 Jun 2015

Monday before Canada Day - Break

I’ve been away.

Today is Monday and Canada Day is this coming Wed.

On this coming Wed, I will rise after sleeping in… so 7am. I’ll open up a breakfast beer, pull out the first batch of brine and remove the meat inside. I may start with a Beef Brisket. I’ll let it dry while I got outside and start the fire for my DIY smoker. Once the fire is going and the heat is rising, I’ll go back inside and apply my rub to the slab of meat in front of me. By the time the whole piece of meat is done, I’ll put it in my smoker and go back inside to start making coffee. Through the day I will sit by the smoker tending to the heat.

Then folks will come...

The doors will be open for all who are my friends. I’ll close them at midnight as I must return to work this week and Thursday is one of those days most folks work.

Doors open at 11 am. Bring sides, your own booze, and a homemade condiment (like Wolf’s Honey Mustard sauce). If you have a portable meat cooker and some meat, show on up, and take up some space in the backyard - be ready to share. It will be an organic event.

Some games of Magic the Gathering, Boss Monster, Cards Against Humanity or anything else that’s short quick and can be played by many folks will be ready for use.

If you want to bring some beer for the Fool by the fire – I’m partial to Guinness, Innes and Gunn (anything but their original) and New Castle Brown Ale.

This post was originally about my lack of E3 posts. That’s kind of fallen apart; I’m just letting the words flow and come out as unfettered as possible. Dear reader you must understand, I’ve got a lot on my mind:

-Amy Schumer's awesome comments on being larger than the Hollywood standard. I was in great shape when I spent the marjority or my prime waking hours being physical. I have to accept that 7.5 hours sitting in a chair will not produce the body that Chris Pratt has been sporting.

Stange Image from Covus Beli's Facebook profile
-The expected 4 July announcement from Corvus Beli.

-The trust and responsibility behind the word ‘monogamish’ originally given life by Dan Savage.

-I’m thinking about the awesome series Sense8 even though the last episode felt luke warm while the series that was red hot in my brain. I hope Netflix renues the series. It's a great watch, cooked low and slow from favorite artists of mine. It's bold and it's trying something new even if it stumbles while it does so.

-The idea of having children or not having children, and what both mean to me. Many of my mates and family are in the midst or have already made these strange hydrid creatures, these smaller genetic versions of themselves. Why I don't have the need to do so and where I will be come the end without those wee Bears around me.

-Emma Stone singing ‘All I do is win’ on the Tonight Show with Mr. Fallon and the wonder of watching folks like Tambourine and BigRed see it for the first time.

-The US Supreme Court’s ruling on Gay marriage: The lovely win and the sadness that gay marriage is a thing that needs to be defended and not simply called marriage, no matter the sexual orientation of both parties.

-Richard Morgan’s novel The Dark Defiles and how much fun it is to read again.

-The next adventure with Lady Bear.

-Making more time to paint. More time to write. More time to create.

-Magic the Gathering: Origins, and the idea of actually starting to like Jace Beleren since the last short story Wizards of the Coast posted.

Plus a couple dozen other half baked, random thoughts that are taking up space in my brain.

I know it’s a lot to ruminate on, but that’s why I have Canada Day. It’s why the fool may be a bit more silent and a bit more lost in the thoughts when the ideas of temperature and time are not being applied to delicious meat.

Come over say hello – break through the self-imposed mental exile and peel a layer of though. But be warned for like an onion the result will be an overpowering sense that will fill space as I go on about whatever you broke into.

- Cheers