1 Jun 2015

Hitman, Agent 47 - Media

Hitman is a franchise that has seen some ups and downs. I've written about my history with him on three separate occasions. Here, here, and here if you're wondering.

So way back when (aka 2007) they made a Hitman movie...

Looks good, except the film was ok. Timothy Olyphant did a good job with what he had. He had was a script that took the bullet points from the franchise and the character and ran with it in a different direction. 47 has his suit, his trademark .45's (aka the Silverballers), and 47 is cold, quiet seaking bald guy.

They changed the origin, adding more assassins - who is the games are clones with 47 being the most successful of the lot. He also plays some sort of repentant anti hero... 47 is bad man. When you play him in the video games there is no reason to be a nicer person but the options are there. The player will experience 47's few kinder acts but only at the whim of the player. Otherwise 47 is the bad guy who the players are using to hunt down and kill worst 'bad guys'.

Timothy Olyphant did a great job with what he had. The actions sequences were ok sometimes, well in others, and sometimes silly like the the Assassin Knife Fight near the end of the film.

So now a new trailer is out.

Come over after the break and take a look.

First off 47 is the bad guy. This simply works so much better instead of using him like super dangerous remorseful hero. Fuck that - he kills people. 47 is not an anti hero simply because his targets tend to be jerk themselves. 47 is a hired killer who tries not to kill innocent folks since it causes more work to clean up. It's more annoying than a problem.

The action looks brilliant. 47 looks like he uses more disguises. This looks like a better translation from the video game.

Seems like they are spending more time on his created human being aspect and I'm ok with that. Hitman, the first game had 47 kill a random bunch of bastards, all of them past there prime. In the end of the game the player discovers that each of the men you hunted down and killed were donners to create 47. The game is simply a complex patracide simulation.

My point is my only dislike for the movie.

Why does 47 want his creators daughter? Who cares - why make them connected at all. Why not make her simply someone who he's been hired to kill and leave it at that. 47 acts more like a boggie man and comes out of the shadows more often, making more of a display after each attempt and while he breaks down the deffenses around his target.

Otherwise - I'm gona pay money to see this and I hope it does well.

Well at least better than the last Hitman

- Cheers