22 Jun 2015

E3 2015 part 1 'XCOM2' - Video Games

Well last week the wee little convention or 'expo' if you will called E3... well it's really named the Electronics Entertainment Expo but no one calls Jeb Bush, John Ellis Bush. Get it John Ellis Bush, J.E.B. is more of an acronym than a nickname. Fucked up no?

This week I will go over some of the major releases and put out feedback on what came out of E3 2015.

So XCOM2 looks fucking good.

Do You Wish to Continue? - XCOM 2 is PC Only

Oh yes, XCOM 2 is PC only.

This is very disappointing.

I understand why they did so. It's pretty well explained in the two links above.

I stopped PC gaming because of the hassle to play. I want to buy my game, install it, and play. I do not want to always have to update my computer to meet the needs and specs each year so I can play my games. I don't want to always have to adjust, update drivers, and check to see if the game I bought is compatible with the various hard and soft components of my computer. Put in the disk and go... PC gaming takes more work than I'm willing to give in order to play my games.

I already have a slew of fun hobbies that require lots of money, time, and effort on my part so I can get down to the actual playing.

I really want to play this game.

Firaxis does a great job and I love their work. I wish them the best.

I am sad that XCOM 2 is computer only, hopefully once it's all said and done they will bring it to teh consoles.

- Cheers