15 Jun 2015

E3 2015 Bethesda - Video Games

I just finished watching the first showcase at e3 2015. It's also the first showcare by Bethesda Softworks - the developer and publisher for a slew of popular games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, Doom, Wolfenstein... some of these are considered big names for video game type folks.

So they blow the doors open on the whole e3 event and it was a start that no one should have to follow.

First off they showed DOOM. Looks good, violent and bloody. Looks crazy wild. It's the granddaddy of FPS (First Person Shooters) and wow is the new DOOM looking pretty good. I'm not a fan of the franchise but I understand the reactions of the fans as DOOM filled our senses. I'm a Canadian who lives in Canada - I also hate Hockey. I don't like it, I loathe it but I can understand the rest of my country's obsession with it.

Next was some shitty, alpha footage of Battlecry. A 3rd person battle game that is trying to sport loads of character ala Team Fortress 2. It showed up last year but this year the showing was really... not good. It was the weak point of the show and I can see it being a sore spot for the Battlecry PR team. They will really need to bring it as the game comes out if it hopes to get in front of Blizzard's new IP: Overwatch which is showing buckets of character with the video below.

Looks like Team Fortress 2 had sex with Pixar and it looks like they both had a good time. Just take a look at the gameplay.

Nice - well too bad, back to Bethesda.

When the folks from Arkane studios showed up and shows us this my night went from, good show so far to brilliant fucking showing!

No word on when - but we will have a remastered 8th generation console version with all the DLC of the first game this fall season.

Playing as a female or male character in a victorian age, steampunk colonial setting is looking great. Each of the two main characters have their own set of unique powers. You play Emily the daughter of the Empress from the first game. She rules of the empire of the isles while Corvo is originally from Karaka (the southernmost of the isle nations) before he became the loyal guard of the Empress.

Coming back to this new IP after such a brilliant first game really shows that there is room for new IP's if they are crafted with a focus on quality and depth. The reward for gamers is a better game and that in turn through sales means the creators earn the resources to keep making games that they think we, the gamers, will pay for and enjoy.

Before I leave for the break I have to say I'm happy that Bethesda is leading a two games where my nieces will be able to play as themselves - as women who enjoy games about women. Bravo Zulu!

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Elder Scrolls online is not for me. Last week the game was released for the consoles and it's not my show. Yet showing the Imperial Capital and the Orc lands I was impressed with the style. I expect that fans of the Elder Scrolls are probably loving the material that was shown. Bear Riding Orcs... 'nuff said.

They also announced their Strategy Card game (ala Hearthstone). Nothing else outside of some simple video but Lady Bear plays Hearthstone and if anyone can try to push Blizzard's control over her iPad it's Bethesda.

Lastly we have Fallout 4 -

No videos out yet as I write this and the clock has entered into the new day but understand that it's looking great.

What we know is you play one of a married couple: You play the husband or the wife who you can customize and who's child will be generated on the features you've chosen. You live in the world before the bombs in a Vault-Tech suburb. When the bombs start to fall you flee you home for the local Vault. Numbered 111, you will enter into the vault and only leave it 200 years later! Yes you are a pre-bomb survivor who manages to live somehow to see the future 200 years later.

You will be able to craft 40 basic weapons and 700 mods for those weapons. You will also be able to customise your weapons and you power armour. Normal armour will be a layered piecemeal system covering parts based on what you build and put on. The random extra stuff stuff can be broken down to make up the components for your creations.

This is a step up from the find design spec and collect random gear. Now when you need some steel for a weapon or other creation, you have a few options when it comes to the random stuff you find lying about to make the material you need to craft the object. Need steel? Break down a wrench, toaster, coffee pot, or tin can.

You can also build your own settlements! Craft sentry systems, buildings, lighting, power distribution. There will be more than one place that will be offered for player to indulge in their base building.

Last but not least 'the pooch' who can get full commands that included combat and fetching items you've notices. I'm excited to have a dog let alone any companion that will follow my order and not be some sort of auxiliary combat drone that provides some passive extra abilities, some odd dialogue, and the extra shooting in a fight. If I could have just hunkered down, put myself on overwatch and ordered Boon to collect stuff in Fallout: New Vegas that game would have been even better.

Of course Fallout 4 has new places, Boston. Vats with fully support 3rd person and first person views. Getting a Mass Effect style conversation tree with a voiced protagonist is a bit shocking but I'm still very much excited for Fallout 4 to come out.

All in all a great showing -

- Cheers