4 May 2015

WIN Role Call – Table Top

Back in Dec 2010 I picked up my Nomad sectorial; the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command and I’ve never looked back. My favorite models are the Sin-Eater Observant, Reverend Custodiers, Reverend Moira. A bunch of hacker space nuns with a gun slinging gargoyle of a human being. Add in Reverend Superior Casandra Kusanagi and more recently the new Reverend Healer and my space army of internet hating Nuns and their silent stoic enforcers are looking fine.

Salamandra by Corvus Beli
used without permission
Since 2010 I’ve done a few things. I’ve branched out to pick up more of the Nomad nation, my hands down favorite faction of Infinity. I love the Nomads for their mix of tools and toys; great Airborne Deployment options, an advantage over the electronic battlespace, plenty of odd duck units to fill in gaps. I’m looking forward to getting the third sectorial Tugunska who have my favorite Line Infantry, the Securitate, and my favorite TAG, the Salamandra – which needs a resculpt and STAT.

Secondly I started my second faction, the Yu-Jing sectorial; The Japanese Sectorial Army (aka JSA). Treated like second class citizens, the JSA is the insurgent army that is fighting back. Made up of Ninja, Urban Biker gangs, Samurai and robotic Geisha, I could not ignore the JSA. I’ve got all my bikes which are my current work in progress.

Thanks to the Pale Rider and the Operation: Ice Storm box set I’ve also collected a few Pan-O minis so they are my unofficial fourth faction. I’ve snagged my fancy Joan of Arc miniature from my How to Paint book. So it’s become more official, some more bread and butter won’t hurt, so I have a Fusiliers SWC box on the way. The reason behind this is simply I want to play the Nordic sectorial from Pan-O once they get released and these will round out my force.

So I’ve mentioned my WIN, Wednesday Infinity Nights in past posts. Ontos, Doc, Wolf and I are the original four. I open the doors from 1730 and kick them out by 2100. We get in two rounds of games, plus other folks have been showing up to simply hang out and paint.

Let me introduce to you the WIN team:

Ontos the wanker that jumped into the game with me is playing Haqqislam; the people of the new Islamic faith and masters of bio-sciences, Ariadna; the low tech but tough as nails abandoned  colony recently rediscovered, and finally the Combined Army sectorial the Morat Aggression Force; think red skinned Klingon space apes. Ontos has the ADD and it’s bad but this (sic miniatures) is his primary hobby. It’s what he does after being a Husband, Father, and jerk to the folks who play Mech Warrior Online.

He has a good grasp of real world small unit tactics that pays off very well in Infinity compared to other games. He also brings with him an energy that infects most other players. He is there to have fun – he’ll screw with you and try some jenky shit but he’s there to have fun.

Pale Rider picked up the Pan-Oceania sectorial Militant Order starter but he gave it away. Through chance its swapped hands without getting built and now in my possession adding to my Pan-O list. Once N3 came out and after a few months of us playing most Wednesday nights, he jumped back in. Since being the last bugger to join the WIN, he’s picked up a Nomad sectorial starter for the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command and filled out his Nomads selection with the Operation: Ice Storm Starter Box.

The Rider is a quick and efficient player who in the past garners a level of mastery for a tactic of his faction before moving on to the next.  Slowly build up a skill set that earns plenty of respect from the other side of the table.

Ajax by Corvus Belil
used without permission
Doc joined us at the start in 2011 and ended picking up the ALEPH starter box. Since being one of the WIN original four then he’s been slowly picking up a few to fill out the ranks of the horrid AI (and my final future faction). He’s picked up Ajax, a TAG, and filled out his TacBot selection of cheap disposable troops. More than once Ajax has come running around the corner and slammed his super-sized hammer into my units, killing with abandon.

Doc will always try something new simply to see if it works or if it would be fun to pull off. The table is an experiment where he can show off his fancy painted minis doing shit folks always avoided and smiling with glee when that thing that should not have worked comes off, and you’re wondering where did he get that big red button?
Nightmare by Privateer Press
used without permission

Lastly we have from the WIN, Wolf. Wolf has taken on the role of playing my Pan-O. Wolf used to play 40k like most of us, but he was the first of his group the break away. He ran right into the arms of the Dragon Father and is playing Cryx when he gets a chance to Warmachine.

Wolf also comes to the table with a unique style, being in the trades for over ten years, he’s good at visual distances and his application of force tends to be creative and efficient. He is also the co-builder of the table and the current lab.

Well things have gotten real – we have more incoming folks.


First we have Yasha. Yasha, Pale Rider, and I go back – 1996 back. Playing the Babylon 5 collectable card game we played with SERGE LAVERNE the first Canadian and World Champion of the game. He mentored us on working the table. When we work together at board games like Game of Thrones or Twilight Imperium, sorry but unless you play “Level the Playing Field” you’re fucked - one of us will win.

Level the Playing Field
version 2 - now with more Alfred Bester
When Yasha decided to finally get into his first miniature table top game I was happy to hear he jumped in to Infinity primarily due to the regular game night we’ve set up, the awesome looking minis, and the Nomad nation. Seriously he’s looking at Nomads or probably anything that has good Jump Troops. What else do you expect from a guy who is a career Army Support Specialist who has his Jump wings, a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Karate, dances a few styles at a national level, and also helps out at a horse farm because the fucker rides horses. Seriously Yasha could be in a Tom Clancy novel. He also always has a plan – which never fails to fail. He’s since picked up the N3 book and is reading deep into the fluff. I’m eager to see what he’s picked to play.

Secondly we have Sarge, our group’s Circle and Legion player with a love of politics and horror films. He’d work for the Empire and serve Palpatine long enough to get a great cup of coffee, a pint of good beer, and a way to replace the older Sith. He’s come over watching the gents play while he paints his Legion of Everblight minis. I think Ariadna or Combined Army might be his style. Morat and the new Legate look empire enough that I think we’ll have a Combined Army player soon enough.

Powered by sugar and coffee the Sarge is a hyperactive methodical player whose brain is always running too fast. He is always reining himself in, making his style of play seem frantic instead of calculated, but you’re only able to see the battle he’s waging inside when he plays. Sarge is tenacious to the point of mutual assured destruction.

Lastly is the Dawn Seeker. A local real estate agent and self-proclaimed geek, she used to work with Pale Rider and since she started her new career in selling homes, she’s joined the crew for fun and games. She only plays Hordes with her two-player starter box but you can find her playing Black/White at a Magic table. She just snagged my Second Edition Book and Human Sphere so she can read up on the fluff and figure out if she’s going to jump into the game. I’m wondering which faction this cosplaying imp will end up playing.

Now all of the folks above are folks I’ve been gaming with for quite some time. They are not jerks – for the most part. Wolf, Yasha, and Sarge are part of my current IKRPG campaign. Pale Rider runs the Fifth Edition D&D game that I play with Wolf and Dawn Seeker. I played co-op X-Com Enemy Within (where you play the game on Iron Man and swap remotes between missions) with Sarge we're now looking to go through the CoD:AW Zombies. Most of us play Magic together and right now I’m spending time with Yasha on Far Cry 4, something I did with Pale Rider a while back.

I’ve not seen this type of player commitment since Mordheim. Back when I live in the Gravel Pit (my parents house) and we (most of the folks above) played in the Lab 1.0. Those were the best days I’ve had at a table until these past couple of months. Some folks watching, some painting or building, and everyone else was playing.

Investing in the terrain and tools I have in the current Lab makes it easy for folks to come on by and play. Once our half baked escalation league is completed, we’ll be starting Campaign: Paradiso and I’m looking forward to the fun.

I'm just really happy with WIN - I'm so happy I wanted to share that with you.

- Cheers