15 May 2015

Avengers Week part 3 – Media

Well the week has come to end but we’re still one topic away from looking at the future of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), the eventual Return.

What I mean is the word return is ominus in the world of comics. ‘the return of….’ was (still is) a common sign on the flashy splash cover pages of serialised comics. No villain or hero stays dead or gone – they leave and then they come back.

So far the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has killed off many of the villains and the odd hero but there is always a way to write in a return.

So lets’ look at the best characters due to return to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) after the break.

RED SKULL – Caps biggest villain can come on back. If Steve Rodgers can live in a coma due to ice, the Red Skull can outlive getting tossed through space and time. He can come back and launch a campaign from the shadows taking apart Captain America’s world bit by bit as is the MO of the Red Skull. Once everything comes to a head – he’ll want to kill Rogers with his bare hands. He could even lead a group of villains ala Masters of Evil. A new actor can even take on the roll since Hugo Weaving is no longer interested.

MANDARIN – In a mini movie it’s given to the audience that the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 was mimicking a real evil guy who worked from the Shadows who used the same name. Now that this actor is in jail, the real Mandarin wants the fake to keep playing the part until it is time.

ULTRON – There is a good chance that Ultron could come back as needed. Any copy could have been spared and he got away. Easy as pie – once more with feeling.

ABOMINATION – He could come back as a one time villain in the first act of an Avengers film. They beat him down and he goes back to Alaska where SHIELD has him set up. Giant CG monster that keeps the need for the Avengers alive in the public eye

RONAN – After Guardians of the Galaxy he could come back for another film. He would be a great revived agent working for Thanos. He’d be a great herald beholden to Thanos leading the way as the big bad villain in the first part of the Infinity War. Always fighting the control but trapped to serve and kill in someone else’s name.

So that's a quick and dirty look at the future of the MCU. I really hope Marvel keeps up the quality of the films and continues to rock my wallet. I'm very willing to pay for films as long as they don't suck.

With all the drama that comes with large block busters it can pushed aside with a few good mates, some snacks and a cool dark theater. When the gasps and laughter dims as the house lights come back on while the credits roll - you'll have forgotten about all the bullshit and simply enjoy a good movie.

- Cheers