13 May 2015

Avengers Week part 2 – Media

In my last post I jabbered on about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) reaching an end. Now let’s talk about changing.

Comics have a level of immortality about them, over the last 75 plus years Batman has not aged minus a story in the future. All comics have this problem, they never age or rarely age. Now once you make movies about comic characters you are suddenly subject to time and the ravages of aging.
Robert Downey Jr. is not a young man. He cannot be Tony Stark for ever. Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth… wait that’s a lot of Chris’. Hurm…

You get my point (about actors aging, not the too many Marvel actors named Chris). Marvel talked about it once already where they said Tony Stark could be the next James Bond – where multiple actors could play the character. James Rhodes, Warmachine has already done this once. So has the Hulk, officially twice but we have two (three) other actors who’ve played the green giant; Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno (TV), Eric Bana (Ang Lee’s flick), Edward Norton (MCU Phase 1), and the current holder Mark Ruffalo.

Changes are a must because RDJ and the rest of the cast are not as immortal as the character’s they play.

So how do we make these transitions?

KANG – I mentioned him in my last post. Time travel is an easy way for folks to time travel back into a previous movie. Marvel pulls a ‘insert Forest Gump’ with the new actor before they are pulled into the current timeline. Vola new actor and return of old character, no mess. Yeah time travel.

SURPRISE! – The heroes are fighting; the villains are winning when suddenly. A round blue/red blur bounces off a few enemies before being caught in mid air by a costumed man in blue who lands and beats up a few more villains. The camera moves in on the man, unable to show his face due to the bodies and fighting of the melee. Snap back to the fallen heroes looking on in awe as they rise from the floor. Back to the man standing with his back to the camera amongst a pile of fallen villains, the camera pans closer until he turns and speaks ‘Missed me?’, text pops up in the corner of the screen: Introducing as Captain America. Tada!

IGNORE IT – Like James Rhodes, Anthony Stark (played by three folks in the MCU – google it yourself), and Bruce Banner above just do it. Someone says Mr Stark and head turns to the camera and reply’s ‘Yes’. Vola, all done, that person is the new Tony Stark. Simple and easy.

Here is the hard part: We have to NOT hate the new person.

We the folks on the internet have to give the new actor a chance to rock the role and make it their own. We need to trust in the choices of the studio and if they fail, blame the team that put that person in the spot. So far we the audience have been pretty good with the swaps we’ve had to deal with, let’s hope we can keep it up.

I’ll finish up with my Top 5 worst casting choices in a comic movie. The characters played and the job done with them is poor and fails to fit well with the rest of the movie.

No. 5 - Kirsten Dunst as MJ Watson, and Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy
Why get the skinny blond to play the part of the voluptuous red head. A have a curvy ginger play the lithe blond? Gwen is the more shy and reserved of Parker’s two loves, why MJ is a gregarious and confident woman.

No. 4 – Collin Ferrell as Bullseye
He was tacked on and campy. I’m not sure why Colin Ferrell was called in, and I don’t think they knew how to use Bullseye at all.

No. 3 – Jessica Alba as Susan Storm aka the Invisible Woman
Feeling like this is the same issue as number five above but worst. Jessica Alba was wooden because she’s able to play more outwardly strong female characters instead of the immensely and subtly powerful Susan Storm.

No. 2 – Anna Paquin as Rogue
Rogue is not a lost little girl with daddy issues. She is a woman with super strength, flight, and invulnerability who is a times the most vulnerable of the X-Men because she has to forgo human touch. She is Wolverine’s friend through a shared bond of tragic loss. Anna Paquin would have served better as a Jubilee.

No. 1 – Nick Noltey as David Banner who becomes a combo of Absorbing Man and Zzzax
Wrong character, worst reason, Noltey broke the movie and the character he was trying to work with. He seemed to not fit, he looked misplaced or tacked on.

- Cheers