11 May 2015

Avengers Week part 1 – Media

By now most of the world, at least the folks who read my blog, will have seen Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’ve seen it twice – not because I’m that much of a fan boy, it is because… long story that’s not the point of this post.

There are three things we need to keep an eye on now that Phase 2 is ending and Phase 3 is starting: Reaching the End, Changes, and Returns.

Let’s start with the largest elephant in the room – Reaching the End.

We all know how this will end; Thanos will do his thing in the 2019 film Avengers: Infinity War – part 2. The heroes of the world will fight back and he’ll go down once and for all…

So what’s the next story?

When Avengers: Infinity War – part 2, we’ve had our first Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Inhumans (I was wrong in my last post – its coming before), Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man movie. I bet they could see a sequel if they were done right and I have a feeling that if you can get magical Norse Gods in space right alongside a dude who wears a shrinking suit you can get, Pilot turned Superhero, African Super King, Lost super civilizations, and a younger modern Gandalf in New York, down right.

Don’t forget we’ll have over SIX TV Series out by them. As of now we have Agents of SHEILD, Agent Carter, and Daredevil. We are expecting AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the Defenders. There is also talk about a SHIELD spin-off about Mocking Bird with a more action focus.
There is still a lot of stories still left in some of the older series as well. Spider-Man is back in the arms of Marvel since the agreement of the shared custody battle is now sorted between Marvel and Sony (who was taking the piss with Spider-Man). Captain America still has Winter Soldier and Falcon to replace him – so the stories can keep on coming. Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Hulk have all been called out for a solo feature.

There is plenty post Infinity War on the solo basis – what about the world building, expanding and connected universe? Who else causes enough pain and hardship that need for the World Greatest Heroes to gather for a single awesome movie? So far we’ve had Norse God from Space working for Alien Death God with magic uber-artifact and Heroes Robot gone crazy with help from magic uber-artifact. The Infinity War will be Alien Death God (Thanos) wielding all six magic uber-artifacts.

I have a few suggestions:

KANG – The time traveling badass could start to manipulate the past in small ways linking all the solo movies much in the same way as the Infinity Gems. He will work in the background, ala Thanos until it’s time for him to fuck up the Time Line forcing more Avengers Fun. Marvel will be able to continue to use it sorted story arcs, tapping the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe’s) arcing timeline – and it would allow for changes to be made to bring back older characters (read my next post). Historically Kang is one of the toughs from the Avengers stories. He’s hard to use unless you have a slew of history to muck about with – which will be there post Infinity War.

MASTERS of EVIL – With all the villains created and defeated over time, one of them will come up with an idea. Now stop if you’ve heard this one before: “The idea was bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together… to fight the battles we never could.” – Nick Fury, Avengers. Now apply that to the villains. Take Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2, Yellow Jacket… if he survives Ant-Man, have Venko survive Iron Man 2 (behind the scenes), Wolfgang Von Strucker – who got so little screen time and should still be alive in my opinion, should be rebuilt, etc… now reach deep into the roster of Avenger villains and vola. Have the movie be about the bad guys – while the Avengers sort their shit out in time to stop the Masters of Evil hunting them down. This movie would be about the Avengers being hunted instead of the Avengers hunting.

SCARLET WITCH – Do something to Vision (her love interest) in the Infinity War, have SHIELD push too hard, have Kang show her a future where it’s all fucked up and you have the seeds for Scarlett Witch taking down the Avengers. Add in the aftermath of Civil War, the departure of the Avengers that saved her people and there is plenty there for Wanda Maximoff to be angry about. Last time she was a rookie now she can tear up the team and then go after  the world leaders (political leaders or leaders in innovations) once the Avengers sort their stuff out they are forced to put her down,  power corrupts… and Wanada is very powerful. The worst thing that’s happened to the Avengers is when an Avenger goes bad.

So that’s the end and beyond, next post is about Changes.

- Cheers