20 Apr 2015

Field Test: Dream Eater - Magic

Didn’t have time to hyperlink all the cards – sorry.

I love milling, I really do love to mill, I mentioned it twice before. This is more of an After Action Report from last Thurs.

So with my current mill deck I showed up to the weekly Modern Tournament at Kessel Run Games and got my butt handed to me. I turned lots of heads – every opponent and most of the folks sitting beside me paused as my opponent was down to their last cards by turn five. I had lots of folks ask if we could play a game between matches. When the match was over and my opponent left to tell folks about his game most of them started talking about my deck and all the comments were awesome. Even the store owner gave me kudos.

So field test of the Dream Eater went well.
In four rounds my games were 0-2 (Loss), 2-0 (Win vs Dawn Seeker – sorry), 2-1 (Loss – so close!), and 0-2 (vs Vitty – so close both games!). I got lots of feedback. In the Modern meta, pulling cards from the graveyard is a thing. Lots of Flashback, one time abilities, and delve is popular in the format.

In my first round game 2, I was first and I played Glimpse the Unthinkable. My opponent’s game is not starting well he has not even had his second turn; he has one land on the pitch and his at 52 cards. I’ve just killed 10 more cards… oh wait three of them are Bloodghasts. Table turned right there. Come his turn his dropping a land and all three of the 2/3 Vampires come into play and I’m looking down the barrel of 4 vampires and it’s my turn three. I didn’t last long – I milled over half his deck but by turn four I was dead. Good game but he got super lucky with his Bloodghats getting milled.

Lets talk about updates and changes after the break.

First off Thought Scour is a winner. It costs U (that’s a single Blue mana) to have someone mill two cards and while letting me draw a card. Drawing a card for U is awesome – adding in milling and this card is brilliant for my needs. It’s a common and most folks don’t care until things start going wrong.
My mill deck requires that I cast spells to do most of my milling. Hedron Crabs are handy but they are not there all the time and I need to drop a land.

Also all of my mill spells have a converted mana cost of 3 or less. So getting more mana means I can cast more than one spell a turn. The only thing that slows me down is running out of spells – I need to draw more cards. More cards is more milling in most cases. I’ll get those spells but getting them sooner is always better. So milling two of my opponent’s cards, then drawing another possible mill spell a turn sooner is a great go. In more than one of my games, I played Though Scour (milling 2), drawing a Breaking allowing me to cast it right away (milling another 8).

The graveyard is a place of treachery. My Leyline of the Void worked well, when I got it. Most of my opening hands had it in there but I was left will little or no mana. Dropping a Bojuka Bog will help when I don’t start with a Leyline. For many a Black player, the graveyard is a resource that I’m filling faster than they expected. If they are able to switch gears in their head quickly, I’m suddenly going against some really hitting power and I need to speed up the mill. Exiling a graveyard is a great speedbump for folks that can tap into that resource and so this .40 cent card will be finding a home with the Dream Eater.

Psychic Strike was a card I used to have, got rid of and is now going back in after some sobering advice. Being able to counter a spell is handy, being able to slow down my opponent as I mill is just what I could have used in some of my games.

In my third round, both games I lost to Iona, Shield of Emeria being cast from the graveyard with Unburial Rites. Being able to counter Iona, would have been awesome. Milling two cards and countering other spells like Terminate or cheap Vampires would have done me really well. It would have prolonged the game for me while I’m still snacking on someone’s dreams. I need to mill or make more room for me to mill.

So all in all a good go.

I'm looking forward to bringing the Dream Eater to another tournament and trying out the changes I put into place.

- Cheers