17 Apr 2015

Dozer is on the go – Fitness

So I’ve been running.

So far only short distances, not because they are rough on my cardio it’s because my legs are giant useless corpse supports that haven’t run in a while. Last spring I just started running hard and fast. Because I just went right at it I blew out my legs. The result was numb knees and pinched nerves all along my shins and knees.

Felt like rug burn every time I got into bed. Tearing burning pain...

So the Doc says I pinched some nerves and I needed to lay off running. So this spring I’m playing smart. I’m running short easy distances and getting the legs ready. I take my time to get the stretches in after the short jogs. The objective is get the legs ready. Once they are able to run again, I’ll add in more distance and hopefully avoid the damage I earned last year.

“What’s the difference between stupid and hard core? Answer, the spelling” – Dozer

So I’ve found a 3.2km running route with minimal traffic on a dedicated public bike/running path for most of the run. My goal is work up to 2km after work while biking to and from work. Once I hit 2km I start running to work, get changed cleaned up at the office – then run home and clean up there. Saves gas – gets my PT in, gets the blood pumping.

I also hit Paddle Shack –

So when we were living in the flat, I graduated from university and I was working shitty night shifts. I was given as a graduation gift from my Mama and Papa Bear to help pay for my Kayaking Gear. I’ve not been able to use it because I didn’t have time over the summer.

This summer is different.

I’ve collected my Helmet, paddle, rope line, PFD (Life vest), plugs (for me nose) and I still have enough for my spray skirt. All I need to do is pick up a boat; the gift had covered everything else. So this year I’m going to save up and pick up a play boat. At the start I’ll probably borrow a boat most outings but I’ll earn my own over time.

I really want to get on the water and master doing my rolls, a basic skill you need to have down when kayaking. I can also get some sprint time in and get my arms and back into some really good shape. I hoping Pale Rider is willing to paddle for an hour on Saturday mornings sometime around seven am. It would make for a great work out and a brilliant way to start the weekend.

Otherwise once I have access to a regular boat, I’ll be spending time at Britannia Beach. Lady Bear will be enjoying the sand and we’ll stop by and visit Rocko at the Baja Burger Shack. The place is 5 mins away by car and getting in an hour on the water before going home is a great way to kill an early afternoon. We’ll head home around 1630-1700 – still have the whole evening and the only traffic will be angry people fleeing work. A great advantage of my current early hours.

Lastly is the heavy bag.

When I lived with Wolf and Rocko we had a heavy bag in the basement and I used it all the time. I loved the thing. I want to get another since I’ve started setting up the basement. When Lady Bear showed an interest in kickboxing with Rocko she’s taken a liking to hitting the bag. Well who am I to get in the way, off to Kijiji for a cheap bag.

Now I’m still looking but my goal is to also include a stand so come summer I can have the bag outside in the backyard. Beating up on a heavy bag becomes hard work but doing so in the warm summer outside is a dream. When it gets cold, I bring it in to the basement – until then outside.

Add in some Krav Maga once I’m able to afford and organize the time plus the odd Yoga Class and I think I should be ok.

I’ve been planning to get back into the active life – but I’ve been dumb about it and I’ve hurt myself in the process. Hurting myself is simply frustrating and it slows me down for doing what I want to do.
So I’m deciding smart over hard and hopefully this works out.