15 Apr 2015

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Video Games

Deus Ex is back… from the Human Revolution to Mankind Divided.

See the video and be amazed

I have every achievement from Deus Ex: Human Revolution for my Xbox 360 with all the fancy DLC ‘Missing Link’ achievements as well. I’ve only ever played on Hard – I got most of the achievements including the all stealth and non-killing in my first play through. Which I restarted over and over again, I wanted to replay the start of the game. My first time through I saved the Pilot, but I missed the fancy final console.

It’s a near perfect game it’s an easy 5 on my score charts. Graphics, plot, dialogue, gameplay, sounds, setting, in game mechanics – all were done so well. My gripes are so tiny and limited. I’d have wanted more role-playing but that's not a real gripe.

My gripe is simple:

There is only one reason to stealth kill anyone. You get less XP, it takes just as long to perform, it’s just a quiet. If an enemy finds a fallen foe they can’t ‘wake’ them up – that’s it. I’d have liked more reasons to choose between killing and knocking out. Make the killing stealth attacks faster but a bit more noise – but you’re able to move the body right away. It’s easier to pull off but you get less experience and you can be caught. Make the stealth knockouts longer and more silent plus you have to work the body to move it. It’s longer, more risk but greater reward.

Vola – only gripe of the game.

So we have a second game in the series. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a prequel to the original Deus Ex game. I feel that with this second Adam Jenson game (the protagonist of the two new games) will now make this series a reboot – not a bad idea. The original story arc pre-Human Revolution gets muddy very fast and leaves very little room to expand plot wise. Story is over why expand on it – outcome is settled.

My proof is the final line of the trailer where Adam says "I won't let it happen again". I don't think he is referring to the Deus Ex: Human Revolution instead I think he's referring to a moment in the games history where the elusive enemy referred in the game changed the world and he's avoid a unwanted future - possibly the original Deus Ex? 

So I have high hopes for this game – if it is anything like the last one, Lady Bear will be miffed that Dozer has left her to golden neon skylines and chrome covered worlds filled with interconnected data that litters minds of millions.

- Cheers