22 Apr 2015

Batman vs Superman - Media

So this came down on the weekend and I'm still mulling over the trailer.

First off lets get something straight. This is not the Dark Knight from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. This is a new Batman, a different Batman. Much like the Flash expected to be seen in this film will not be the same Flash seen in the TV series. This is the second film of the DC Cinematic Universe - a whole new direction. 

Will I see this? Yes. 
Will I be disappointed? Sadly I'm expecting to be disappointed...

Superman Scared
Identity Crisis - Issue 4
by DC Comics
used without permission 
I love the start of the trailer where it goes into places about the idea of a Superman. Read these Superman stories and you'll find that this idea is explored early in the Superman: For Tomorrow story arc. I don't expect the movie to go into real detail with the ideas - simply because we have Batman and it seems that Batman is going to ruin his day. 

Batman and Superman have a unique relationship.

Batman challenges Superman, he forces Superman to be more honest and at times to be human. No can get under Superman's skin like Batman can. 

No one. 

It's why they are friends and rivals at the same time. 

You see Superman does the same to Batman. No one can force Batman to look at his own bullshit like Superman can. Batman is always forced to be sober in thought when Superman is around. 

Batman jumping in to physically challenge Superman seems silly without context. I hope that gets resolved in the movie. Also taking visual cues from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns for the power armour that Batman is wearing for the final scene of the trailer is a nice aesthetic touch but I hope it doesn't go into campy. 

I don't mind the darker tone of the trailer or the last film. I just have an issue with one thing - 


Ok Batman has used guns on the past. They are a weapon that he uses rarely and only as a last resort on targets he cannot put down otherwise. Having them front and center on the new Bat Tank/Car/etc... is a little off. 

I would not have minded if they were hidden until used when they pop out as needed. They visually take the center stage with every pic I've seen and that's a little off putting considering that these trailers and images are to inspire me to watch the film with a hope that it will succeed in entertaining me. 

I think this movie with entertain me - I also think there is a good chance it will also disappoint me. 
I hope I'm wrong, there is a lot of good in this trailer. 

- Cheers


PS: I like Ben Affleck's look as Batman. There is nothing else to say about it - it looks brilliant.