26 Mar 2015

The up and up - Break

So this week is a bit busy and time is not on my side. Work was pretty crazy until yesterday - it's calming down for a while. Meanwhile at the house we are expecting a new boarder - roommate, a local nurse who will be upgrading her College nursing education with a University nursing education. School starts in September and until then she was looking for a place to stay and save some coin.

Lucky for her - we Bears have a three bedroom semi-detached and the second room of the house wasn't going to be used much until September when we will be able to make Lady Bear's project room.

So we get a small influx of coin and she saves alot of coin - bonus, we help out a buddy.

So let me tell you about MM...

She plays Red as her primary colour in Magic. I think she'd do well with a Red/Green deck but she's only been playing for a while but she's beaten Rocko five times now. Also she is a Call of Duty player - not a good thing for me. This summer I've been looking at Battlefield: Hardline as my summer shooter to run around in. I may be able to convert her but CoD:Advanced Warfare has been pretty fun, but I don't play it much... that may change.

So that's the new Meat Mechanic.

Let see what else is new...

Well for one I'm behind in my posts. Why because setting up the house has been a labour, a brilliant labour of love. It's been very rewarding but at the same time - it's taken up lots of time. It's hard not to shut down and binge on Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix. Hawaii Five-0 is a silly pleasure for me. I skip episodes and some of the show is simply dumb but there are moments that capture me. Episode 1.10 - Race is ok until the last act where it goes all action crazy and it's a fun romp. Episode 1.17 which has a really neat 3 seconds of jumping and shooting. Episode 2.6 where the father of the team suddenly realises it's 3:15 pm and the victim's son is probably leaving school - it's a odd but heartfelt race.

House of Cards has been on a slow drip on purpose or I'll binge the whole season without enjoying it. I'm loving the new season and it's neat to watch Frank and Claire work with what they've wanted. I have two gripes about the season Frank and Claire are less in synch and one of the strongest points of the series is that they are unbeatable. As much as they are not the norm they love each other and they are a team. I understand the conflict but I'd have rather seen a different conflict. Maybe watching Claire run for office while Frank will not try for re-election. Second grip is the use of Molly Parker a favorite actor of mine. She is brilliant in everything she does, I wish there was more for her she steals every scene she's in.

On the table the Ininity game on Wed nights has been brilliant - yesterday was a bit long and started late, my fault. I wanted to post pics and go on about it today but alas with everything in a spin it'll have to wait. Army 5 has proven to be a great tool, and we four are getting some good games in. We're learning new rules each week and we're gearing ourselves up for a full on Campaign Paradiso. Playing a regular table top game has been very rewarding.

I play IKRPG every other Sat. I run the game and we're playing through the Immortality adventure series and it's been going well. Every other Sun, I'm back in Faerûn playing D&D next (aka 5th edition) with Pale Rider as the Game Master. We've just finsihed episode 1 of the first Dragon Adventure book and it's been pretty good. I'm back in familiar shoes - playing a Rogue and next level, I'll be snagging the Assassin archtype. I left my L5R group - sadly the logistics of me being there and still being able to sleep enoug for work the next day was the hard choice that I called off.

I'm eating better - I've cut off pop and I've stopped eating the candy... whew this is hard. No Candy... my sweet tooth is jonesing for some sweet, sweet, candy. Regular breakfast food, lots more veg and fruits. I feel better and I like it. I hurt my shoulder so I wake up, warm up and stretch for 30 mins. Next week I'll start Yoga - try yoga out. Post Easter I'll hopefully be starting my PT work out. Come Mid April - I'll be biking into work and enjoying that extra movement.

Otherwise shit is busy - movies are coming out: Fast and Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, stuff... I have no clue what's after Avengers but that's life - this could be the biggest movie of the year and own the summer like the previous movie did. I really hope it dosn't suck - it's still a gamble but now it's a different gamble. The frist movie was 'could they pull it off?', now the second movie is ' can they do it again, or do it and not fuck it up?'. I'm eager either way...

So that's the up and up.

- Cheers