30 Mar 2015

Lady Players - FU

I was reading this post on Beasts of War and I was really impressed with the touch of the hobby from a woman's point of view. It lauded Warmachine's virtues and the community's support of female players.

It was a nice thing to say. It was a nice experience to share when we read about so many other poor experiences.

Now I live with two lady players. One is the all awesome, smart, and sexy Lady Bear. She plays Puzzle Quest 2 and is going through the Wolf Among Us. She plays in my bi-weekly IKRPG Immortality Adventure series published in No Quarter. She is playing the party heavy hitter as a Human Skilled Knight/Man-at-Arms. She is regularly described as the human lawnmower. Aside: In the Iron Kingdoms RPGs characters are created by choosing the race, archetype and then two careers. She also loves games like Takanoko, Cards Against Humanity, and she plays Magic the Gathering, with decks that I build with her input.

The other lady is the new addition to the house. Meat Mechanic, she's a Call of Duty player and I hope to get her playing some Battlefield (the better of the two series). She also has her first Magic deck which she allowed me to beat up with my current Black/Blue milling deck. She one the first match and then lost the following two games. The data I'm getting from those games are helping me tweak my Dreameaterdeck and trim the fat as needed.

In my house I live with two gamers. Last night I sat across the table from Dawn Seeker and Nymeria in my other bi-weekly game being run my Pale Rider. We're playing D&D 5th Edition, and Dawn Seeker is a Dragon Kin Paladin while Nymeria is a a Half-Orc Fighter. Wolf (Nymeria's boyfriend) is the Cleric, Rocko is the Warlock, and round out the party as the Rogue. Both of these ladies also play video games and Magic. Dawn Seeker even has a Hordes army and plays Warmachine at the Tower every so often.

In the same house Pale Rider's girlfriend is Pale Lady (I know not that original, sue me) who has picked up a few board games since hooking up with Pale Rider. When I first saw her place she was sporting a Nintendo Wii.

Ladies play games - Fact.
Ladies are people - Fact.
All sorts of people play games - Fact.
It's sad that this is an issue - sadly a Fact.

A few of the games I play have hyper-sexualised female characters and miniatures. Infinity is one of those games, I avoid picking up many of those minis. I also play games where they are not hyper-sexualised such as in MERCs where due to the armour most of the woman characters are indistinguishable from the male miniatures. The hobby of table top miniatures is changing, maybe not fast enough or ever fully but I feel, from my male prespective that it is getting better.

I like hearing about more female gamers because that means more people gaming. Charging Pun is a father of two wee little girls. His wife Julia is regularly mentioned here but her own words are much better than mine in her shared blog. Charging Pun is writing games as part of a project to improve his skills as a code monkey. His daughters are play testers. They play their daddy's video games.

That's fucking awesome.

The wee Baby Bear – son of Brother and Sister Bear (she married into the family) will be getting a sibling in the future and there is a chance the next Baby Bear will be a girl.

I don’t want my nieces ever to feel inferior simply because they have girl parts. I want them to be able to do anything they want. I want them to be given all the same options as everyone else.

In uniform I train men and women. They are equal - why because the bullet or bomb dose not discriminate, they do not care who they hurt. Why should we care? When the unthinking equality of a weapon is shames us as a cognitive race we have some problems. I hope we are getting better at being nicer to the people we've labled as female. I hope we continue to get better. I hope one day we won't have to think about being better to each other but I'm a dreamer.

Games have become a vehicle to explore new worlds and join in exciting adventures. Games are simply fun.

People are allowed to have fun – Fact.

Ladies are people

- Cheers