6 Mar 2015

Getting Sorted - Break

So things are getting sorted here at the Bear house. I figured Id send down the pipe this update before next week.

Minus the work on the bench in the Lab, you can also see the new play space below.

Lab 2.0 being used

Gaming Space and drafting table 

Gaming Space and storage

The table is a 6x4, with plenty of space ... 'cept I have some bins under that need to get organized. I also designed a 1/4" lip so dice don't go over the edge during the heat of a game. Speaking of games, the table will host all sorts of game that use a 4x4 table giving a foot on each side for players to use. 

The bookshelf behind the table is 9.5" deep allowing for more space for visiting players, to put drinks, books, and all those odds and ends that come with the hobby. Speaking of the hobby, the display shelf is high enough and far back enough to avoid random bumps. While the three shelf cabinet to the right of the drafting table is ready to hold more minis.

Thanks to the plywood wall, I'm finally starting to hang my nerd art. More is coming, I just need more wall to use. 

The storage shelves hold the majority of my army gear while the other half host a slew of Magic cards and hobby terrain. I expect once the whole thing is finally organized to my likeing, that I'll be sporting two shlelves filled to the brim with terrain for Infinity while the third above carries the weight of all the CCGs I have collected over the years. Magic the Gathering, Babylon 5, Netrunner... it's a bit of a list.

So next week, I've done a quick look at five different table top games and compaired them. We first look at the cost to build a collection before Friday when I rate the games on other factors, so as organised play, competition, accessability, and fun.

- Cheers