20 Mar 2015

Friday 0632 hrs - Break

It's Friday and I'm waiting to get my arm scanned, X-Ray and Ultrasound, from a clinic down the road. Normally I'm at work by this time but instead I'm here at my Mac in the living room covered in painters tape tapping away on my wee Bluetooth keyboard that served me well through my years at university. 

Moby Bear is passed out between me and the doorway to the hall. Lady Bear is asleep in the bedroom. She'd normally be at work before 5 am, but she took today off to rest, relax, and more likely putter around the house.
Unleashed Box
by Privateer Press
My cell vibrates beside me on the glass tabletop. I check my texts and look back at the weeks worth of messages and broken conversations between folks. Within those simple collection of texts are ideas expressed between two people. Ideas like; how facebook sucks to plan events - folks get left out and calendars update. How Rocko will meet me at the Oak. How Pale Rider will not be coming over instead chilling with the Pale Lady, and an Unleashed box that I also have to pick up. How breakfast turns into brunch. How I love my wife, 381 - three words, eight letters, one meaning... old pager code.

The dinning room is still littered with Lady Bear's ongoing projects. She finished staining and putting  a layer of polyurethane on some shelves I cut and routed for the kitchen and the guest room. My Opa's (german grandfather) table has been refinished one of many success that Lady Bear has completed solo since we moved in. 

Our coffee table is littered with magazines like Cottage Life, and Wired. We have a few books like Akira Club by Otomo Katsuhiro, and Journals by Kurt Cobain. The pink white cover with the Audrey Hepburn styled silhouette of the Fashion Book keeps stealing my attention from across the room. 

Lady Bear has come down and is scratching Moby's chest. He's wide eyed and still sleepy. His tail thumps against the hardwood floor in approval. She moves about turning on lights, checking her projects, and opening blinds to the day. The back screen door creaks open in protest to the cold and it's own age. Suddenly Moby springs up and races to the kitchen to be let out. 

I've been here for fifteen minutes and the exercise is over. 

Next week is a slew of Magic - Dragons of Tarkir will have been pre-released (Me and Lady Bear are a team in the two headed giant event). So each day will be some cards per colour that pulled my interest. 

- Cheers