7 Feb 2015

We are Online! - Break

Sp the move is in the final stages here in the Bear House... Bear House. The last time I lived in a house it was with my ex fiance (whom is not Lady Bear) and before that it was in House of Sin 2 (many of us worked together at the time, and there was a previous house of sin).

This place has been a blessing - we have a place to grow and wow it's a place. Me and Lady Bear only live with Moby our pooch and that's it. We have a new 3 bedroom semi-detached place and until the guest room is set up (Sept) it's way larger than anything we'd need. It comes with a big backyard for the pooch and it's looking like we'll have a boarder living with us over the months of summer.

Moby's new bed

So let's see some of the move to date.

Back Yard 

Moby after a roll in the backyard
Letting Moby go out is now super easy and wow am I loving it. Each morning I wake up at 5am as Lady Bear has left and I can't get back to sleep. I shower and come downstairs to turn on the kettle and cook some eggs and toast (or a bagel). While the I sort out my lunch I open the back door and off into the dark morning my pooch leaves me for a few minutes.

When he's done doing his business at his pace. Not that of the cranky human who has no desire to be outside with him, I hear him stomp up the backstairs and wait for me to open the door.

Perfect - I'm out the door by 0620 so I can be at work by 0630.

Otherwise I burn away precious eating time with the pooch, watching him poo.

A Cold Room 
Everything that was in the cold room
- note that's everything and kitchen sink (bottom of pic)
I wish I could have made that up

Aunty D, who's most recent guest post on Weather Vane Sisterhood is in the link, is a preserve expert and also has a cold room. The moment I found out we had one I was excited - of course the previous tenants left some stuff to clean out...

Yeah that's a lot of stuff.

Yet I still longer to store the ill gotten goods made every year from my father's youngest sister.

So I woke up, late and removed all that junk from the room. When I took a pic and sent it to Lady Bear who's spending the weekend at Rocko's cottage she mentioned that it had everything in that room and the kitchen sink - note the actual sink in the pic.

Cold Room - Right Side
Cold Room - Left Side
Now the room looks clean and awesome. It's storing a lot of the seasonal house stuff but I've made room for the loot from our next trip down south.

Of course it's cold - and when I added some light I also discovered it's green. With a bit of work and some effort to keep it clean I hope to get lots out of this cold room and not use it as a junk room.

Because that's lame.

Now I have a place to keep all the yum.

The Lab - 2.0

Lab 2.0 now with more Moby
Back in my parents basement I had taken over one of the rooms and dubbed it the Lab. It was work bench that held all my minis and painting supplies. Any large projects I worked on were done in the Lab. A place to build and create.

When Lady Found this place it was a dream of mine to have a space in the basement to set up as a new Lab.

When we met the landlord, a very nice lady who was interviewing potential renters she showed us the basement and there it was - a huge freaking work bench.

Lab 2.0 ready to Rumble
I wanted the house. It was attached, sure no issues. It had only bathroom, a bit of an issue when my IBS kicks in and someone else needs to use the potty. It had no garage, I can do without.

Instead it had the skeleton of a new lab.

So today I spend the time to clean out everything under the bench. I screwed on top of the mismatched but solid wood panel bench an old shelf that made the bench clean and the workspace without holes.

I installed a light I found under the bench and ran some power to the workspace. I'd like to add another light but that's way down the line. Right now what I have is fine.

All I need now is a stool so I can have the boys over and we can get back to painting out minis.

Moby loves his new home.
It can hold stemware - silly lying salesman
Of course the largest expense was a dishwasher - the rolly kind that you plug into your faucet to use as needed. So I picked one up at a good price when I pointed out the sales rep's lie.

Seriously. Another rep showed up and said he had the same model. So after just seeing the inside, I mentioned that the top rack was not a favorite part as it couldn't handle stemware. He agreed but said it was a good unit and he has loved it over the last few months...

Well then I pointed out it could have stemware, showed the picture, and the awkward silence followed.

So it was discount time and vola I got the family a new dishwasher. 200 off the price!

Of course Moby didn't like the smell of the folks who brought it over and decided to keep an eye on
them through the cat door in the basement door.

The dishwasher showing up
Note the cat door to the basement and the spy within

 --- So us bears love the new place. It needs some work - it's an old house. It needs some TLC and some reorganization to make it out own but we Bears are getting it done.

Well I'll end this with more pics of the Moby and I'm off to feed. More posts coming soon this week including one that has been a long time coming.

- Cheers


Moby found a spot next to the lab

PS. Yes the dog is cute -