16 Feb 2015

Update - Break

This week and weekend ended up with a lot to do around the house.

I have two nice folks, Yasha and Xipe help me out on Sunday morning 8-12 moving bins full of books. It was a shit load of books. I still have more books - two of the three runs between the new place and the old place were just books. Don't be a book nerd and marry a book nerd who is also a Library Tech - you will collect books.

Saturday I was with Wolf putting up a framed inner wall to one of my basement walls, 2x4s and pressboard in order to let me mount things on the wall without having to drill into cinderblock or the foundation. I left an inch gap between the basement wall and the 'plywall' so air can travel and no moisture builds up causing mold and such.

Of course the 1 hour framing job - it's a single uncapped 10' long frame with nothing behind it. It's easy until you have to fight with a few things. Wolf who's a tradesman for close to a decade and spent three years dedicated to framming was cursing a storm - we were contending with weather, gathering tools, fighting my insurance company who dropped the ball... the odds were not in our favour.

Of course once we finished - we found a leak on the other wall. From the city water meter... bugger. Just a drip drop but it needs to be attended to. Of course most of the wood for my new gaming table is also in the basement ready to be worked. So we had to put things out of place so in case it got bad we would not loose all the wood we just picked up.

Today - I'm doing a quick run from the flat to the house. Then its testing out all the stripping systems to the furniture with Lady Bear.

Well that's it folks.

- Cheers