19 Feb 2015

The Dream - Break

For those of you who don’t know me and Lady Bear are working towards a cottage. Not a house, a cottage – hopefully by the lake. This is the dream. Kids are not the dream, there are issues there and I’m not going to get into them here in such a public forum. A house is not the dream – we have one, it’s being rented and it’s fine for the now.

We love the outdoors and we love the city. It is a complication. Chantelle and I love living and working in the center of the wee city of Ottawa. It has plenty to offer, just enough actually without being overwhelming like Toronto. Ottawa feels like a younger Quebec City, our second favorite city in the country. Plenty of good food and plenty of places to entertain as needed. We wish the live music scene was a little more robust and developed such as Quebec City but Ottawa is close enough to other more developed music scenes that we can leave to visit.

We also love the outdoors –

Sitting on a deck off a lake with coffee in hand as the sun rises over Trees tainted red, orange, and yellow by the seasons. Puppy, currently Moby, keeping us company as the world passes by in moments of calmness that seem like they overwhelm you until you find yourself in the center of simple peace.

Let me tell you about it after the break...

We hope in a year to buy the property of our dreams, and over the years build on said property the cottage of our dreams. Where it could be a home for when we grow old and decide to retreat into the woods full time. We want our cottage to be between Ottawa and Southern Ontario so J-Rex, Bee, Charging Pun, Lady J, and all our friends and family have 2 or 3 hours of driving instead of six plus hours. We want the place to be close enough to Ottawa where we and our immediate family can take regular advantage of the place.

We will leave it behind to the next generation of Bears – if we have no children then to the wee Baby Bear and his future siblings. This dream will outlast us and it will provide a place for all Bears to sit and watch the sun fade over the horizon while the fires grow bright and warm in the cool spring evening.

Have Christmas at Brother Bears home, then on Christmas day after all the fun is done, as supper starts for everyone else, we leave for the cottage late. We'd give out an open invitation that will last between Boxing Day and New Years. Letting our friends and family go through the chaos of the winter holiday, then flee like ourselves and come to a place of peace in the storms of celebration.

Thanksgiving outside on the deck off the lack, kept warm by a good sweater, a roaring fire, family, and great food.

Family and friends would be able to hit the road at 3pm or 4pm on a Friday. Arrive for a late supper and enjoy a rest. They'd be able to leave that Sunday after lunch and cleaning up and be home with an Sunday afternoon waiting for them with no rush to hurry back for the coming work week.

Kids small and old growing up in the Summer months playing in a lake, having friends over for extended visits, learning about the outdoors, staying healthy and fresh.

Imagine being a young you, learning to cook in a kitchen designed for adults and kids so they can work together: first time chopping veg, working a rub on a roast, making a sauce for supper later that day. You spend your free days cooking for your family as you grow up living in a place of peace. Going to the farmers market to buy the supplies for preserves you’ll be making that day.

All day working over the stove working the various preserves into jars to be followed with a BBQ dinner on a patio as the night chills the evenings, reminding us that summer is coming to an end and fall is soon due.

Swimming in a lake in summer skating on the lake come winter. Reading in a comfy couch or chair, outside on a lounger, under the patio roof as the rain cools the air, next to a roaring fire as the dark had come early once more in the seasons of snows.

I look forward to growing old watching as nieces and nephews grow up with a place that they can come to in times of chaos.

Escaping there when a loved one passes. When a young one is born. When two people celebrate in front of the whole world their union with ceremony. When life changes and the world no longer looks the same. When a little sun is needed to heal lingering wounds.

If ever the wee baby Bear wanted a place that was like home to be wed in, much like his parents did for their own special day, he’d be welcome to use the cottage – hell I’d be fucking honoured. When I become a grand uncle I look forward as the young parents show their kids the water of the lake for the first time.

Splashing and giggles, cries of surprise, the odd crying from the cold or squishy sand getting caught between little toes.

I look forward to growing old with my family around me and Lady Bear. As we start to age and no longer spend as much time in the water, we’d watch from the deck. A little more frail, wrapped in old clean blankets as the world slid by, hopefully a little better because the Bears of today, tomorrow, and onward had this place.

We’d not pass on tired and world weary, our place of peace would keep us rejuvenated for as long as we stay in this world. It would house all of our memories and when the new owners take over there will be room for them to put up their own memories.

This is our dream.

When the Oblivion comes for me – I will know this place will protect, shelter, and house those I love.

- Cheers