18 Feb 2015

Movie Bob has left the building - Media

As I sit down for five seconds long enough to write up excuses on why the blog has not gotten any substantial updates due to the explosion that I am calling Feb, I ran into something. Seriously Feb has not been shity but very inconvenient; weather, sickness (Lady Bear got sick), work (big project at the primary), work (I lost my no2 on for a upcoming winter training - if ya pray send one out to his and his own), and delays ... oh and a wee water leak that has halted all work incase it grow into a large leak. Not bad, simply busy and poorly timed.

Movie Bob - whom I am a long time fan of his work at the Escapist has left their site. I just finished reading the FAQ on what the deuce happened and it's a wee bit spooky since it's happened shortly after Joystiq closed down.

Now I'm not a fan of the style of the Game Overthinker - Bob's primary outlet but I am a huge fan of his Big Picture series and his Escapist at the Movies series. Both had a cleaner edge that The Overthinker lacked which kept me away. I hear it's changing but I doubt the level of polish I need to stay a loyal fan will be present. It's too bad - with support Bob is one of the best pop-culture commentators and critics I've listened too.

Watch his Big Picture series and you'll find far too many gems that shine interesting lights on the odd spots in pop-culture and my nerdy hobbies. There are 225 5-8 min episodes and all but maybe 5 are bloody brilliant. The other 5 odd ducks are good but nothing special - the rest are special. Each one is a nugget of observation, logic, and social commentary.

Escapist - I'll still be showing up but now I have two major reasons less for showing up. Until you drop Yahtzee, and Loading Ready Run - then we're done and I'm sorry for it. You were, for a time the source of all odd kids getting a chance to show their stuff. You didn't look like a major business on the surface. I hope the spark comes back...