4 Feb 2015

It's Feb and I'm thinking of Mar - Break

All of the big stuff has been moved into the new flat. We still have a few runs with the wee Fit but we'll get that done over the coming weeks.

Moby has started to accept that he now lives in a house with basement. He's started to make his demands more vocal recently, earning many a laugh from his two owners. Last night he wanted something from the laundry pile - yes we have a pile of laundry now. For those of you who don't think this is a big deal imagin not being able to leave laundry in your laundry room... anyways. Moby leads Lady Bear down to th basement and stares her down until she pulls out of the linens that have come from the old flat that need washing, Moby's fuzzy blanket.

Laughter - oh yes.

March is looking like a big month in terms of my hobbies. By the time March comes around, my weekend job will be much calmer with nothing on the horizon until May. I'll have cleaned up the basement, have the lab in working order, and be well on my way to finishing up many a miniature.

Feb will be constructive, March will be fun.

March will be the weather getting warmer.

In March I'll have one gaming group playing IKRPG every other Saturday where I'll be running the Immortality story arc from the No Quarter. I'll be playing in a D&D 5th edition game that will be also be starting up in March and be run by the Pale Rider.

I'll be a month into some new physical activities as part of plan to shed some Dozer from the Dozer. So I'll hope to be seeing some of the results of those efforts.

The long delayed (was suposts to start in November) Infinity Campaign: Paradiso with Wolf, Doc, and Ontos will be starting. Looks like we'll have been playing semi-regular games on Wed nights. Warmachine will also be hosting its spring 2015 league that I've already talked about.

In March I'll be enjoying my new house - not just working to make it my home.

It's odd since Feb has just started but the future is much brighter this year compaired to last year.

.. ah the vanquished monster 'Last Year'. I've been at my job for six months now - I've got a future. This Feb I'm dreaming... I'm dreaming about March, and April, and May, and the Summer, and next fall... you get the idea through the poor grammer.

It's Feb and I'm working away. The internet shows up today - and posts will be coming up with more frequency.

... but March. March I'm going to have fun.

- Cheers