9 Feb 2015

Daredevil on TV - Comics

Of all of the more grounded Marvel characters that are not normally associated with a team, Daredevil is my favorite. The fact that he, Nightwing and Backlash all share similar characteristics should not be surprising.

Daredevil like all serialised comic characters share the same curse. 

When you have a good creative team Daredevil will be awesome. When you have have an ok creative team Daredevil will still be awesome but his stories will be... meh. When you have a shity creative team, well Daredevil sucks, plain and simple. 

Over the years Daredevil has had plenty of shity creative teams. Recently over the last five years Daredevil has had some great times. Currently he's a bit off for me, but many critics love the current Daredevil series. 

I liked the Directors Cut of the Daredevil movie. The plot was ok - Electra was silly and Bullseye was simply dumb. Way too much of the better stuff was left on the cutting room floor. They even changed the character's powers... it was an ok film. I'd give it a score of 3 - Director's Cut that is. Ben looked like Matt, he moved like man... its too bad that outside of Ulrich and Kingpin - no one else seemed like there comic book counterpart. 

I'm glad Marvel got Daredevil back, and I'm glad they are doing a TV show that comes out April 10th!

Daredevil... so what's his thing?

For me Daredevil will always be the Daredevil of Frank Miller's Man Without Fear limited series. Daredevil was brilliant in the Ultimate Daredevil and Electra series and even the follow up series. I like how they downplayed Daredevil being Daredevil.

You see Matt Murdoc is Matt Murdoc, Daredevil is just an alias much like a Boxer's ring name. Something a few writers keep forgetting. Daredevil does not have the same problem as Bruce Wayne and Batman, where the question is who is the man and who is the mask. Daredevil is the mask, Matthew Murdoc, son of a Boxer/Mod Thug and a Nun. 

Mathew who fights with his disability and his relationships because - Mathew 'Matt' Murdoc is the hero. Instead of running away and getting changed to fight a bad guy, Matt steps up in a suit and tie and takes on the world. He only changes at night when it's appropriate.

I like the martial arts feel to the character, I like his beatings and bruises. I love his background, I love his friends and allies.

I do not love the constant need to kill off his lovers - but he can't be perfect and I think that comes from too many writers trying to inject pain and suffering on a somewhat well adjusted comic book character who will 'get over stuff' and not be...

So I found this trailer and I was worried they were going to muck it up.  Instead they lean heavy on Frank Miller's short series and pull out the stops on Matt. I want these folks to get my Daredevil and the trailer shows so far that these folks get that.


This creative team for the TV series looks like they did a bang up job and I'm excited to see how this progresses with the follow up series, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. 

Good job Marvel, keep it up.