29 Jan 2015

We've started the move - Break

Last night me and Lady Bear picked up the keys to our 2.5 Bedroom (they say 3 but it's closer to 2.5), 1 Bathroom semi-detached retal home. It was late but we moved in enough kitchen ware, all the bathroom supplies, and most of Lady Bear's clothes (I only packed a days worth).
Our first night home
I set up my military cot and I once more took to the floor. I brought over our tiny BlueRay player and our tiny (monitor sized) TV which we use as out computer monitor. I set it up on one of the black yellow transport bins while Lady Bear took a shower.

Moby took to the new house with his customary gusto. Lots of excited tail wagging and sniffing. Lots of sniffing. Hell, I don't mind at all since it's no longer an ordeal to get him out every morning - I just open the back door.

Before it was walk him down three floors of stairs - which is a good work out for a pup his age (11 years old in may). Then walk around in the cold while he decided to sniff at everything all the other dogs in the neighbourhood had left lying around - without being picked up, gross. I run after Moby voice trying not to reach the hights of raised as most other in the six plex series of flats are still mostly sleeping. He scampers off in hope to get a good roll in the snow - which as mentioned before may not be clean. Then it's convincing Moby to drop a duce while I shiver in the cold.

I'd like to be warming up my car at this time, but that distracts Moby who decides standing araound staring at the car is a better idea. All doen in the hopes that he will be able to join me for a car ride - words you don't say in our house unless you mean it.

Today I opened the door and before our fancy kettle could boil water for green tea, Moby was at the door done and ready to come back in.

Each evening I'll finish work, drive back to the old flat and meet Lady Bear. She'll have loaded six of the bins you can see in the photo. I carry them down the stairs and load them into the car. We snag a few other odds and ends before driving home. Unload and unpack right away at the new home. We could do three runs an evening but because we're unpacking right away - to reuse the bins, it's slow and I think two will be our max.

Until we get the internet - hopefully by end of week I'm just typing away at coffee shops and mates houses to get my posts done. Once we're moved in expect my comparison posts on miniature Wargames.

- Cheers