27 Jan 2015

The new League - Table Top

Warmachine and Hordes has a long history of being event oriented.

There is the Journeyman League for new players or veterans who are looking to start a new faction. The Steamroller rules which layout all the scenarios for events and the special rules that go into the elite tournaments – Masters, Hardcore, and Iron Gauntlet. Each year there is a four week window where Privateer Press drop some new rules or event variant rules on current miniatures for a seasonal league.

This year is different.
News from my copy of No Quarter No. #58
by Privateer Press - used without permission

This year you can jump in beyond simply playing Warmachine or Hordes. Now you can participate with Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy or Unleashed (due in March). You can also play matches of High Command as participation.

Having the league break out into all of their Iron Kingdoms products is brilliant. Seriously how could they top it?

Oh wait they already did – did I forget to mention something. Seems Privateer Press is taking a page out of Corvus Belli’s book. Looks like Warmachine and Hordes will be adding a bit of the Infinity with their own take on Spec-Ops.

As per the pic and the post below we are getting an upgradable character solo take a read and catch me after the break.

From: PPS_Hungerford, head of Organized Play and Volunteer Coordinator.

Also known as William "Will" Hungerford, senior staffer at Privateer Press. This is copy pasted right out the post that I have linked here.

Hey all,

As you may have heard, this year's league is called Path Of Devastation, and the first 4 week season(Riven Bonds) is starting this March. One of the new features in this year's league is ability to customize your own Hero model throughout each season.

Based on your actions, your Hero will gain XP that can be spent on various upgrades to make them stronger, or even completely change their play style! Examples are upgrades such as having your Hero go mad to gain Berserk, reforging their blade to gain Reach, or having a propulsion system added to their body which grants +2 SPD and Flight!

Each faction gets a specific Hero model each season, and the Upgrades available to each Hero are completely unique. That means that no two faction's Hero options are the same, and given the number of upgrades for each Hero, even models within the same faction can become vastly different! The core rules for Path of Devastation, and the season specific rules for Riven Bonds will both be out mid February.

In the meantime, I'd like to give you all a preview of what Hero models are available for Riven Bonds. This way, if you intend to participate in the league, you have time get your Hero model without having to worry about it a week or two before the league starts.

Hero Models for Path of Devastation: Riven Bonds
 • Cygnar – Gun Mage Captain Adept
 • Protectorate – Paladin of the Order of the Wall
 • Khador – Manhunter
 • Cryx – Skarlock
 • Retribution – Mage Hunter Assassin
 • Convergence – Steelsoul Protector
 • Mercenaries – Ogrun Bokur*
 • Trollbloods – Fell Caller
 • Circle – Blackclad Wayfayer
 • Skorne – Ancestral Guardian
 • Legion – Forsaken
 • Minions – Croak Hunter*
 *Mercenary Hero models can work for any Mercenary contract, and Minion Hero models can work for any Minion pact.

This news with the note that Privateer Press will be adding IKRPG and Unleashed material could mean a few things.

*Possible new quick adventures similar to the Immortality six-part scenario that was published in No Quarter no. #53-58 (with the prequel in no. #44). Getting four new premade adventures that tie into the story of the League for IKRPG and Unleashed characters sounds awesome.

*Possible of being able to play your new character hero in IKRPG and Unleashed. Taking that combat veteran from the table and showing up to play in an adventure seems bloody awesome.

*Possible rules for having matches of High Command – the strategic game for the setting, interact with Warmachine, Hordes, IKRPG and Unleashed.

So that looks awesome.

What about the choices for these new Character solos?

Well and Gun Mage Captain, Mage Hunter Assassin, Paladin of the Order of the Wall look fantastic and are great solos by themselves. Khador gets a Manhunter, in my opinion a great miniature that sees way to much hate while sporting some of the better fluff for Khador. I think it’s a great choice to get that mini on the table. The Skarlock is the odd one out for me – the Steelsoul Protector and Ogrun Bokur are ok and easy choices but a Skarlock for Cryx… let’s see what Privateer Press is willing to do.

On the Hordes side we’ve got some classic easy picks with the Blackclad Wayfayer and the Fell Caller. I get being able to use a Forsaken and a Croak Hunter but the Ancestral Guardian is the one that has my attention. If any of the RPG possible items that I’ve mentioned earlier could come true, playing an Ancestral Guardian would be awesome.

Well this year looks like a good excuse for me to gear up the new Lab and have things ready to paint by March. I'll be trying to round up Wolf and Sergeant to come over get some minis painted. I think Pale Rider, Ontos, and the rest of the gang of guys who play in Ottawa will being having a blast with this.

- Cheers