26 Jan 2015

Still Fighting the Sick - Break

This past weekend was my third weekend in a row being sick.

Seems after a 2+ hour long wait, the Doctor thinks I got a cold (with Lady Bear), followed up by another cold or flu (right after Lady Bear), to end last week with more cold... The doc had to explain that you can get back to back cold and flu of different strains. Seems the first one did me in and afterwards it left the door wide open for the others in line to kick me while I was down.

Seems my shity immune system has continued to fail me. Next time I got up a level I need a class with a better Fortitude save - seriously.

So updates are slow and will be slow as I move into a new place this week. Hopefully I get back to a 100% ASAP and my move stays on the path closer to easy rather than being a bother.