20 Jan 2015

Sickness - Break

So I got sick, still recovering... damn cold.

It started off hard. Coughing up blood and phlegm like a dead man. Sunday the phlegm was closer to 30 years of two packs a day. Today is the first day I`m not spitting up half my weight in a yellow grey fluid. Today I`m also back to work.

We Bears are moving on the 30th of Jan. We need to pack and plan. The cold did not help.

My posts got put on hold. You see I write most of them and the night before launch I`ll do a last round of edits. This has not been happening recently - before I was sick I was taking care of Lady Bear who had (more like still has) the blessing of Nurgle.

I`ve got a few posts lined up and almost done.

A few Mass Effect 2 journals - Mass Effect 2 is much larger than Mass Effect.
A Christmas dinner post, just got the photos from everyone who helped the day of the cooking.

Also a Comparison series on cost to play Miniature Wargame. This is my current driving force of writing next to the Mass Effect posts.

Stay tuned - lost coming once I`m better.

Which I hope is soon.