9 Jan 2015

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 07

Due to being busy and all cheery this season this came out late - sorry.

Liara T'Soni
by Bioware
Liara... Shepard remembered seeing her again when had landed on the planet. She was speaking with someone on a comm channel and Shepard walked in at the end: " Have you ever faced an asari commando unit before? Few humans have. I'll make this simple: either you pay me, or I'll flay you alive - with my mind!" 

Someone was trying to kill the woman in Virgil Shepard's life. Not an easy feat: She's is a very powerful opponent. She is a gifted biotic, brilliant mind, and spent time training and fighting as a lynch pin in the crack assault team that has put down the worst enemy the galaxy two years ago.

You don't fuck with Liara T'Soni.

She has a web of contacts, plenty of resources, and her allies are a force that few could meet and survive. This woman also had an ace up her sleeve.

She was a crew of the SSV Normandy and fact: "No one fucks with Shepard's Crew", the collectors were learning this.

Vasir dropped off Shepard and the assault team at the bottom of the building before she took the roof. He'd move up with the team while she moved down the building. The hope was to find Liara before who ever was trying to kill her got a chance. The Spectre's were elite, Vasir and Shepard were going to show these mercs what two Spectre's could do.

Shepard and the team got out and readied their weapons as they walked into the Chaos and found the place under attack.

Garrus must have been itching to get out of the transport since he was the first one on the team shooting when they entered the office building. He rushed ahead and went in guns blazing with his Assault Rifle. Seriously this happened. Sometimes I need to re-switch him to use the Sniper Rifle but this time he just ran off and started shooting. A glitch, error - perfect timing.

Liara and Garrus had become close after all the fighting and training they had endured two years ago. Garrus had already lost one team. Shepard called the Taurian back and ordered covering fire as he rushed in with his Biotic charge - slamming opponents and gunning down those that failed to stay down.

Kasumi was quiet as she dispatched enemy's. The quips she was known for spouting during long fights were absent as if she understood the need for Garrus and Shepard to get to Liara.

by Bioware
The team fought their way to the top to find Vasir just arrived. The contact had been killed and Liara was no where to be seen. Shepard was about to launch another search of the building when Liara comes out of hiding holding up a pistol at Vasir. The contact had found the lair of the Shadow Broker and Vasir had just taken the data disk from the corpse.

Vasir was the one trying to kill Liara.

Vasir escapes and Shepard and the assault team chase the rogue Spectre across the rooftops of Illium. Eventually on a penthouse pool deck the chase ends. Together for the first time in two years the original Normandy Assault team was fighting once more a Rogue Spectre.

Vasir was an excellent agent and a dangerous opponent. She had years of experience but she lacked very specific experience. The very same experience that Shepard, Liara, and Garrus all shared.

Putting down a Spectre.

They had done it once and the were about to do it again.

Vasir died a traitor.

Liara had the info but now she needed to get to the Shadow Broker and finish this. She needed a ship, a team, and she needed to do it now before the Shadow Broker knew she was coming.

Shepard stepped forward - time to finish this.

Hagalaz was a planet in constant storm. This powered the massive ship that the Shadow Broker operated from. The good old team inserted on top of the ship and worked their way down the vessel in the middle of the storm. Eventually the defense systems kicked in and security forces made of Mechs and Shadow Broker agents were on the hull trying to kill the team.

They failed. Garrus once more took up support fire lining up shots and dropping targets as Shepard rushed in slamming the rest. Liara would take up the flanks removing enemies as they swarmed Shepard after her charged in. When enemies got too close to Liara by sneaking up or coming from behind Garrus would take care of them - Liara would return the favor more than once through the battle that raged across the ship's surface.

They eventually broke in and continued to clear out the rest of the vessel before they found Feron. He was Liara's partner over the last two years. That partnership is what got him trapped and tortured by the Broker.

New rule galaxy - No one fuck's with Liara's Team.

Current Shadow Broker
by Bioware
The resistance in the ship was heavy but this was what the team had trained for and done more than once when they hunted down Saren. When they breached the Shadow Broker's chamber the creature acting as the Broker was discovered to be quite large. Liara had discovered that the original Broker had died by the current Broker's hand. Outraged it attacked the team and Garrus went down.

Ok Shadow Broker - you just broke both rules you should never have broken. Garrus was Shepard's crew and part of Liara's team. The Broker was tough but Liara's biotic powers and Shepard's hit and run assaults weakened the creature. The fight ended with Shepard getting in close and personal throwing all his energy into his strikes for Liara to finish the job.

Once it was over Garrus was pulled out of the wreckage he was thrown into when the room went bezerk. The room was a communications nexus. The center of the Shadow Broker's network. Each of the various agents were reporting in and panic started to spread across the web of informants and agents.

Liara breathed and took over. She calmed them all down with orders and slipped into place.

The Shadow Broker was dead, long live the Shadow Broker.

Once everything calmed down, Shepard and Liara talked. She tried to push him away afraid she was going to lose him again. Shepard had fought to hard to let fear get in the way of their connection. They kissed - once more they were a team. Liara stayed the night aboard the Normandy before she returned to the center of the network.
Liara "The Shadow Broker" T'Soni
by Bioware

They both had jobs to do. Shepard had to solve the Collector issue and Liara had to go through the Shadow Broker's network. The dark was pushed back, the Shadow Broker was Shepard's closest ally. They said good bye and the Normandy left to continue it's mission.

Shepard visited Garrus and they talked. Garrus told Shepard about his team getting killed by one of their own. Garrus wish he had closure, and he had a lead. Shepard agreed to help.

Shepard returned to his cabin and ordered Joker to the Citadel.


This was the best DLC released for the game. It felt good to play the game with the original team.

Shepard would be more focused now that the whole history with Liara was settled. This would also help him to realise that the rest of his crew would need to do the same thing. It was as if Shepard had his own loyalty quest to complete - the quests that solidify the loyalty of each of the party members of the mission.

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