22 Jan 2015

It's All Out - Table Top

So Infinity is hit N3 in December of 2014. With N3 we got two things - a new edition of the ruleset and a promise. This promise was that the new edition would only replace the core rule book and the other two books, Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso, would not get redone... yet.

Ok fine so I picked up my copy of N3 - with special pre-order miniature. So without looking at the new rules, since I did try out the sampler rules in Operation: Ice Storm, I went right to the profiles at the back of the book.

I loved the new layout. I hate that most of my minis were missing...

History Lesson: Dozer plays the Yu-Jing sectorial, the JSA (Japanese Sectorial Army - not really creative in the name I know) and the Nomads.

So in the core book minus a Ninja, Yojimbo, and Mushashi there are no JSA profiles... bugger.

Ok so I'll play Nomads until my JSA comes back online. Sure why not?

Well most of my minis are part of the Nomand sectorial, the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. I have three Sin-Eater Observants, a Reverend Custodiers, a Reverend Moiras (old sculpt), Cassandra Kusanagi, a pair of Salyut Zonds, three Moderators, all without profiles... even my ordered Iguana Squad (TAG) was missing.

Ok - so outside of what I got with Operation: Ice Storm, my Clockmaker and Daktaris (plus two remotes and two Zonds), I've got very little to play with in N3.


Then it dropped.

Last week right before I left work early they dropped a 224 page pdf. that has every profile.


Broken down by their book, including the core book, each model is now playable. There was joy even as the blessings of Nurgle enveloped my corpus.

Today is 22 Jan 2015 and yesterday the last peice of the puzzle was dropped.

Even with the new troop profiles there are a few things missing. Rules for some equipment like my EVO repeater (since hacking changed... a lot) and the MK12 a mid range weapon that a few of my minis have.

Now we have those rules.

As of yesterday my Infinity is complete.

For example - EVO repeaters.

So Hacking in N3 has been compaired to sci-fi magic... I can see where a lot of folks are coming from but I think it's very much unfair since the limited nature of the hacking system. Lots of options but you can only affect those units that are hackable. TAGs, Heavy Infantry (those in power suits), Remotes, and other Hackers are the primary targets. The magic comparison is shallow when you apply the same limits: "Magic only works on High Level Fighters, Mages, Familiars and Dragons... everyone else you're free to ignore it."

So don't call it sci-fi magic in front of me. I think it's an oversimplification and insulting to the work and effort Corvus Belli put into this very deep game mechanic. If you're gona be a cranky player - don't play with me. I am an expert in making other folks miserable and enjoying myself while doing so... seriously it's a job description in a few of my old positions.

So EVO Repeater had almost a full page of rules with all the stuff it gave to the hacker. Now with the new Hacking rules - what does the EVO Repeater do. In N2 or second edition, if you were going to put some effort into your hacking, the EVO Repeater was almost a must for most players. It brought so much to the table. Well in N3 the table is already overflowing so what does the EVO Repeater bring?

So it looses all of the Support Programs - ok fine. Many of those bits and pieces show up in a from or another in the new N3 Hacker Rules. They also lose the hightened effect to hack Guided Ammunition. Yes you throw a Guided Rocket my way... I was going to hack it and adjust things. I was that guy.

Now the EVO still allow Hackers to chooes the Landing Area of a successfully Hacked enemy Airborne Deployment prior to its Dispersion. - Awesome for me bad for your jump troops. EVO Repeaters are Repeaters, not much of a surprise there.

So now the very nice new changes.

EVO Repeaters provide another option for those precious Command Tokens. Allowing you to reroll one single failed Hacking roll - no matter the Burst value! That means you reroll all of those dice if dice gods decided to take rather than give.

Automatic +3 to your Airborne Deployment! If you're showing up with a significant Airborne effort the EVO Repeater will allow players to hedge their bets when jumping those troops onto the pitch.

Automatic +3 to the Sat-Lock special skill - which is very nice. So EVO Repeaters provide a lot more passive effects that really enhance more then just Heckers but also troops that Air Drop or that use Sat-Lock.

Well that's looking at the N3 at it's whole. I played ODB last night. We went through 4 of the 5 Operation: Ice Storm missions which were a great tool for new players and seems like an easy way to stretch the legs if you've been away from the table for a long period of time. It was fun times and ODB is always fun to play with. I think the last two matches were close until he left only one trooper alive who promptly decided to surrender.

So I finally got to play some N3. I finally get rules to use my current collection of forces. I finally can launch N3 Campaign Paradiso with my mates: Ontos, Wolf, and ODB.

Finally it's all out and it's good.

- Cheers