15 Jan 2015

Fates Reforged - Magic

Lady Bear has been sick and it seems like I'm going down the same path sorry for the late post.

So this weekend at Wizard's Tower I'll be joining my mates for a talegate event. It will also be the 5th pre-release event for Fates Reforged. This event is the last and it's also a Two-Headed Giant event.

Two-player teams face off against each other with the new set.

This year I'll also be talegating on purpose. This time Wolf and his Lady will be teaming up again. Pale Rider will be stuck with my partner from last event, Dawn Seeker. I will be a very happy player since I'll be playing with Lady Bear and it will be her first magic tournament.

I'm excited to pick up a new pack of sleeves for my prerelease deck as a wee treat and of course one of the intro packs.

Fates Reforged is an odd set.

Story Wise Fates Reforged is on the plane of Tarkir but in the past - when dragons roamed and littered the place. Currently in the present Tarkir is a post "dragon-pocalypse" seeing all the sorts of dragons show up is pretty neat. With over 20 years of Magic you'd think they have lots of Dragons - well they now have game total of 128 thanks to Fates Reforged dropping 11 dragons (that we've seen so far), the most amount of Dragon's, Wizard's of the Coast have ever dropped in a single set.

Now we have Atarka, World Render sitting next to big boys like Crosis, the Purger. Whoa boy, these dragons rock. Let's not forget some uncommon dragons like Mindscour Dragon and Wardscale Dragon. I like the current flavour of these dragons, it makes them feel powerful as dragon should be. Minus the odd dragon in recent sets, most of the dragons I've looked it seem 1. Red in colour, 2. A rampaging beast with no finesse. It was the dragons from the first set of Commander like Vorosh, the Hunter that imparted this feel of dragon.

Now Fates Reforged is a small 180 card set. With 29 cards a colour meaning that 120 cards are mono colour with 60 cards being used for mulit-colour and no colour it will be the last of the smaller mid sets of a released block.

Here are some cards that are coming to mind as super neat.

White -
Wardscale Dragon is at the top of a short list of white cards. No spells during combat damn... oh it  only applies to you. Nice! Sandsteppe Outcast has some nice easy spirit generation or it gives it a +1/+1 counter to mix around with the set of the abilities of the Abzan. My last favorite of the White cards is another common Abzan Skycaptain. 3W for a 2/2 flyer is ok for a common - when it dies it gives away two +1/+1 tokens... very nice.

Blue -
Oh the toys this set. Monastery Seige is favorite. Both of it's abilities look like fun ... for me. I love me some milling and the Mindscour Dragon provides some milling love. The Marang River Prowler is the odd duck but seems really nice being able to come back from the graveyard.

Hooded Assassin provides some cheap removal or in this block a very cheap 2/3 to pace against those 2/2 Manifests and Morphs that litter Tarkir. Palace Siege is simply sexy time everyone has a Stab Wound (but you), minus the needed creature or you keep bring folks back out of the graveyard. Soulflayer is a neat bastard that can really take advantage of a diverse selection of dead creatures and become one of the best creatures you'll play... ever.

Arcbond looks simply awesome - being able to hit hit Everyone and Everything... dreams do come true. As a fan of Phoenix's, getting another one in this set feels nifty. Flamewake Phoenix is pretty slick a flying, hasted 2/2 for 1RR. Being able to bring it back because of a larger creature is very nice. Tample is nice, Double-Strike is also nice, being able to make both happen is brilliant, thank you Temer Battle Rage.

Cashed Defense is a neat little spell giving away three +1/+1 counters for 2G is good. Frontier Siege is a neat enchantment but even better when you mix in Kruphix for all that free mana. Speaking of mana ramping Whisperer of the Wilds looks like a nice addition to any Green ramping effort.

So that's quick run down of the cards by colour - most of the colourless are ok, minus Ugin himself. The muli-coloured awesome is pretty much with the new dragons which are mentioned above.

All in all this could be a really good pre-release event.

- Cheers