14 Jan 2015

Dropzone Commander - Table Top

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Since Hawk Wargames was launched...

Sorry I'll start over.

Snce David J. Lewis quit his job and applied his design skills to make a game solo.

Seems I need another break in the history lesson.

He made the miniatures, rules... everything. Solo. By himself. Without anyone minus support from his family while he worked this gambit.

Once he was ready to start production he started pulling in folks to help.

That is Hawk Wargames - the dream of every hobby game designer. To build a product and have it so successful that it becomes your job.

Since Hawk Wargames was launched they have been very successful with Dropzone Commander their primary product. Last fall they released a fifth faction to their award winning game, a two-player starter (one of the best two player starters in the whole hobby), and individual one player starters for each faction.

Dropzone Commander is a 10mm scale scenario driven miniature game. The backstory is we got to the stars with help from an Alien race called the Shaltari. The Shaltari want humans to explore other Earth like planets which they call cradel worlds. The reason is discovered to be the Scourge, a bio-mechanical based race is comming and the Shaltari wanted a buffer.

On Earth we call that a 'Human Shield'.

All bets are off when the something (A big White Orb) makes contact with Earth. In one year make contact at location X to be saved. Humans split in two and fight it out - stay or flee. A few days after the big fight over the message the Scrouge show up and take over all the non-military planets and Earth itself. Humans flee and destroy their navigation beacons to prevent the Scourge following up the rout.

So the UCM (United Colonies of Mankind) - The Humans that fled the Scourge have been building and have started a campiagn to take back their worlds. The are joined by the PHR (Post Human Republic) those that escape during the three hour fight about the big white orb who have a small population but some serious tech. The two human factions have started to take back the planets lost in the middle of the Shaltari and Scrouge war. Recenlty during the campaign a third Human faction has popped up, the Resistance - those left behind by both the UCM and the PHR. Eeking out a living under the thumb of the aliens.

So that's the story - a bit of Mass Effect, Halo, and Babylon 5. All things I love.

As far as I've been able to read, most of the games play in Urban settings (Love It!) with objective based play. Ties are broken by who killed the most.


I am loving the way the Human Factions UMC, PHR and Resistance look. PHR has attracted me the most. I love the clean white shells and the idea of fighting a uphill battle with less units. Quite a few of the places I've looked while researching the PHR compare them to the movie 300. Each game is like that movie... get there and hold the line.

UMC does have a soft spot in my heart. The minis look great and they do have a real spartan military feel to the way they look. Meanwhile the Resistance looks fantastic with the cobbled together forces and repurposing of civilian vehicles to military and survival needs.

Yet the two Aliens look really neat. The Scourge is fast, light, mobile and very strong. Their short range weapons and light armour promote a quick aggresive style of play. While the Shavasti have forcefields and the most powerful weapons in the game. Plus they teleport...

With the new house and the included new lab - my minis are going to get the stuffing painted out of them and I'll be sporting a dedicated place to play. Dropzone Commander has always been on the radar.

Then I hear this...

Dropzone Fleet - designed by Andy Chambers (former Games Workshop employee) who designed the best fleet game of all time Battlefleet Gothic.

Drop the Mic

December is littered with more updates and images on Dropzone Fleet and I am now very excited... damn it.

- Cheers