1 Jan 2015

2014 in Review - part 4 TV

TV - an odd creature these days that means different things to different folks. For me and mine - it's Netflix and online watching.

So here is a list of things I watched in 2014 that I think you should take a look at.

Number 3 Agents of SHIELD 

I finally got around to watching the series that would  have some off hand tie ins with the Thor and Captain America movies. Phil Coulson and Malinda May are two of my favorite characters in a weekly action-drama since Firefly.

Me and Lady Bear blitzed through this series once it hit Netflix and we're eager to watch the second series. The final moments of the last episode were down right funny as the Whedon's show us some
very funny, funny bones.

"I found it." - Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD ep 22

One of the best lines that made me laugh out loud.

Malinda May is one of my favorite female characters I've had the pleasure to watch since Glenn Close was on season 4 of the Shield as Monica Rawling. Seriously deep, interesting, and strong female characters. I want all the little people in my life to grow up with more characters like May.

Honorable Mention: The Following

Number 2 Parks and Rec

We came to party late but the most recent season of Parks and Rec was really good. It's also the second last season in the series.

Ron Swanson is a comedic anchor for the rest of the quirky cast of characters that are nothing like they were back in the unwatchable season 1 of the series.

Seriously skip season 1 - you can even start at season 3.

I did, and I didn't miss anything.

This series has been a bucket of fun in the bear house and I'll miss after this coming last season the shenanigans of the Pawnee Parks and Rec department.

Honorable Mention: Raising Hope

Number 1 Legend of Kora

It's 1655 in the afternoon on 31 Dec 2014. I've just watched the last episode of the fourth season of the Legend of Kora.

This is also the last episode of the series and an end to a great piece of TV.

Ang and Team Avatar was awesome for three seasons. I miss them. Now with the fourth season of Kora and her Team Avatar all finished - I'm hopeful that maybe there might be another story somewhere in that same messed up Elemental World.

Each season I felt that the writers had jumped the shark or put themselves into a corner with each seasons end. I was always surprised on how well they escaped the trap of using a maguffin to resume the status quo or escape the consequences of the end of that particular story arc.

This season did not end with a corner or shark jumping ending. It ended with a slew of possibilities. Ang was about righting a broken and fractured world while a child grew up. Kora was about becoming an adult and learning about the choices in life.

Honorable Mentions: ... (go watch this series - nothing like it at all)