3 Dec 2014

What fun I found Today #7 - Magic

By the time this post comes up Commander 2014 will have dropped over a month ago. At the moment of writing this post I'm brain deep in a Orzhov deck. My theme is linking and mixing Deathrouch and First Strike and/or Double Strike. Winning fights by getting first and final hits. With that in mind I've come across quite a few neat cards in my search.

Also I've started to draft more - wtf is drafting?

Drafting as per Wikipedia: "In a booster draft, several players (usually eight) are seated around a table and each player is given three booster packs.[1] Each player opens a pack, selects a card from it and passes the remaining cards to his or her left. Each player then selects one of the 14 remaining cards from the pack that was just passed to him or her, and passes the remaining cards to the left again. This continues until all of the cards are depleted. The process is repeated with the second and third packs, except that the cards are passed to the right in the second pack.[1] Players then build decks out of any cards that they selected during the drafting and add as many basic lands as they choose. Each deck built this way must have a minimum of 40 cards, including basic lands."

As such I hope to be ripping open my Conspiracy box for a friendly draft and start building a Cube. A Cube is when you take you collection of cards and organize them to be drafted. You take one of each card in your collection (via a few simple formulas) put them together and mix them all up to create home made 15 card sets (like a booster pack). You then draft these packs as you would a normal draft and enjoy the night. It's a great way to put those cards of yours back into play and it gives your collection a bit of extra life.

Anyways more cards after the break -

Dash Hopes
by Wizards of the Coast
Dash Hopes - BB

For 2 Black mana black gets a counterspell. Awesome. Why? Well for one I play Blue-Black (Black-Blue) and I always needed another counterspell.

Secondly for those who don't add Blue to thier mix, getting a non-Blue counterspell is brilliant. Being able to counter a spell at a critical time is never a bad thing and I can see this card showing up in a few Commander decks.

The fact that it's a common card - means that it will be cheap to pick up and easy to find.

It's only weakness is players who are willing to take the five life hit. So I'd be looking at playing this card mid-late game where hopefully they have started to count out their life. If the counter fails because the player decides to take the life hit - well 2 Black mana for a 5 point direct damage is cheaper than Lava Axe.

Aether Membrane
by Wizards of the Coast
Aether Membrane - 1RR

In my opinion Red has the largest mix bag of creatures you can find in a colour. Blue has flyers and shifty wizards, Black has daemons and undead, White has angels and soldiers, Green has big things and bigger things... Red has all of that.

Aether Membrane is a odd duck but at the cost of 3 mana, you're looking at a very good 0/5 dedicated blocker.

The real punch to this creature is its ability to send the creature it blocks back to an opponents hand. Players who need a key creature or who are depended on token creatures having that blocked creature sent home will make them think twice before attacking... and Red loves it when you don't attack. Lets them get hot enough to burn  you out.

Fool's Demise - 4U

Fool's Demise
by Wizards of the Coast
One of the new 2014 Commander cards, Fool's Demise will see some major love from my end of the table. It's a bit costly but if it was cheaper I'd think it was broken... I already know some folks (those who feel it's effect) will still think it's a broken card but c'est la vie.

Now it can be offensively - enchant an opponent's creature and then kill it. You get control of the creature and Fool's Demise is returned to it's owner's ready to be cast again. Now the big issue is getting the creature killed. Blue-Red decks will love this card, as will Blue-Black and Blue-Green. All three are more likely to kill specific creatures allowing you to take control of that killed creature.

Defensively it's a great do over - they killed my key creature! Oh no... wait it's back. Sorry... next turn drop the enchantment on it again to make sure it creature gets another lease on life. Feels a lot like Gift of Immortality.

Prison Term
by Wizards of the Coast
Prison Term - 1WW

This is such a lovely spell my Blue-White prison deck just screams for it.

For a brilliant cheap cost of 3 mana you're looking at being able to lock a creature down. The best part of this card is the ability to move when something bigger shows up.

"Oh nice creature - Prison Term." A few turns later... "Wow that's creature is even beter - move Prison Term."

Seriously a great way to make friends.

Surestrike Trident - 2

A cheap artifact with a high equipcost.

Surestrike Trident
by Wizards of the Coast
Why is this thing neat?

It gives first strike and you can then throw this to deal direct damage.

Only the high Equip cost of 4 is rough, there are cheaper ways to give out first strike or bank for direct damage... but together cost of 4 is not bad.

When you have that direct damage banked not only do you have a cheep tap for damage, even better with larger creatures but while it's ready to launch you've got a creature with first strike.

It's an all in one package that's easy to ignore but hard to beat once you've used it.