8 Dec 2014

Tis the season... to gather

This holiday season, which pretty much is socially accepted as the entire month of December, is a busy one for me and the Lady Bear.

This weekend past I had work at my second job that took me out of town to Kingston Ontario while Lady Bear visited friends Bee and JRex, from my Thanksgiving post. Friends were needed and while I was going to be out of town from Friday evening on - Lady Bear left for Toronto.

Next weekend is also busy, I see a doctor about my face... no really, seriously my face. Afterwards Lady Bear and I will be off to the company fancy dancy Christmas party along side Ontos and his wife (Nickname pending sorry Ontos). Then on Sunday we have Pale Rider's event: Cooking and Playing where a few of us show the rest how to cook something, we make it, eat it and play games... start at breakfast repeat as needed until super.

Then it's followed by a family weekend: Christmas with Lady Bear's family and Vinyl Cafe with mine. Whew... wait is Christmas the next Thurs? Heck yeah it is! That means off to work for the morning while the food cooks (recipe to be posted later...), get home pack car, off to spend the eve with the Bear family. Leave the next day sometime after lunch.

That Saturday me and Lady Bear will probably be chilling open house style, playing it by ear and if folks come over hell they come over. Hot Chocolate and the Pot Belly (Our fake wood stove heater) will be on all day. That Sunday before Papa Bear leaves the following weekend will be joined by Brother Bear, Ontos, Pale Rider and myself for a massive game of Axis and Allies 'Global Edition', which is combining the second edition of Axis and Allies 1940 Europe and Axis and Allies 1940 Pacific. You get a second rule book in the Axis and Allies 1940 Europe which allows you to merge the two games together.
The combined boards of Axis and Allies 1940 Europe and Axis and Allies 1940 Pacific
close to 180cm (5.9ft) x 80cm (2.6ft)
by Wizards of the Coast 
Then we have New Years - which hopefully will be at Rocko's cottage in Quebec.

Yeah this season is for gatherings... but why am I trying to add more?

I have a bunch of things on the burner:

A whole unspoiled box of Conspiracy for a draft I'm hoping to run at home soon... and then use it to build a cube.

A new game of IKRPG with Lady Bear and two other couples. One being Wolf and his Lady and the other is Fae Mama and MTZT. We started the series of adventures published in the No Quarter Magazine.

A Infinity Campaign: Paradiso with Ontos, Wolf and ODB. With me and Ontos fronting most of the minis and terrain we put it on hold for the release of N3 (Infinity 3rd edition), some terrain shipping in (which I'm working on now and writing a review on), and some new minis (... yeah painting up a storm these days)

I seems I need to slow down. Me and Lady Bear don't have kids... we know it's different for us. Yet we seem to fill the time anyways. 


Why is there such a need to gather in the busy month of the year. 

We're missing out on my other job's holiday dinner, a gingerbread building party, a few other gatherings. 

Dawn Seeker, Vitty, the Dutchman, Lady Bear and Meat Mechanic are all part of a Secret Santa that won't happen until 2015!

Maybe it's the cold. 

Maybe We need to fill the days with activity to warm the caves and force us out of the shelter?

I have no idea.

I know I'm busy this December and I'm sorry if I will not meet up with you over the month. 
To everyone else play safe and enjoy the month of celebration. 
The month that ends the year. 

I've always tried to end my post with Cheers, so here is a drink that I will be enjoying this season and I hope you enjoy. 

Dozer's favorite Holiday Drink
In the U.K. they call this a 'Snowball'

1 part Advocaat in a normal glass over ice, top drink with 3 parts 7 Up or Sprite.

...it will taste like this
by Popsicle 
Looks like this...
by Bols
- Cheers