22 Dec 2014

Tis the season ... for a break

Some of my pre-loaded posts didn't make it out... some did... some got repleaced.

I was hoping to get a whole 'tis the season...' done as a holiday themed series. Until fell apart with everything else that came up.

Infinity (N3) 3rd Edition - currently reading through that and loving the direction, even if it's missing some big chunks out of one of my two favorite factions. I hope they release the updated profiles for all the Human Spehere and Campaign: Paradiso entries soon. My Terrain is getting done and my minis are up next on the block.

Video Games - Right now I've got Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquision, Assassin's Creed: Unity and Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero's, and Theif on the go. Not to mention my Mass Effect run - which is ready but you'll forgive it getting pushed back after what I was reading, and I want to finish up my Dishonoured DLC.

A new home - Today this afternoon me and Lady Bear will be signing the lease on a new place to rent. A new Den for us Bears and the first step to the dream ... we snaged it on a lucky find that Lady Bear found. We move in 1 Feb... so yeah... free time is now spent on packing and getting ready to move.

... on top of all those things we've had our crazy holiday schedual which will end this coming Sunday with the Axis and Allies Global Edition.


Oh an I need to post up here and somewhere else (which is done minus the images...) so this year is ending with a bit of a whimper on this blog but in the rest of this dreamer's life it be busy.