12 Dec 2014

I'm sorry Tuğçe Albayrak - FU

Today I found something that upset me.

Want to make me mad? Show me this.

If you are unaware who Tuğçe Albayrak is allow me the honour.

She is a student teacher who heard cries for help from a McDonalds bathroom near Frankfurt, Germany. The two ladies (ages 13 and 16) were unable to escape the harassment by two men in the woman's washroom. She stopped the two young men and sent the men away.

Her reward was being confronted in the parking lot, where one man struck a blow to her head.

She hit the ground and entered into a coma.

Her parents took her off life support on her twenty-third birthday two weeks later.

On the frist of December this year she was laid to rest.

I hope she finds peace beyond the violence that claimed her.

... peace