31 Dec 2014

2014 in Review - part 3 Board Games

This year has been a big boom in Table Top Board Games and I've been playing quite a few. Many of these are not new releases but they were games I spent some or lots of time playing and I would do so some more.

So here is my Top 3 Board Games (that Dozer liked playing)

Number 3 Net Runner

Net Runner is not a new game. Made by the mad game designer Dr. Richard Garfield, PhD (seriously), it was originally set in the Cyberpunk 2020 setting and is owned by Wizard's of the Coast. They rent out (lease) the IP to Fantasy Flight Games who decided to apply the game to their Android setting.

Not a bad go. The main box is brilliantly balanced and many a gamer in my neck of the woods say they will only play the balanced starter and nothing to do with any of the expansions. I've been picking up the expansions and I've not adjusted any of the starters but I'm always going back and looking up another way to work and enjoy this brilliant Living Card Game.

Number 2 Boss Monster

Boss Monster is a new game and it's brilliant. Players take on the role of the bosses at the end of levels. They build up their dungeon with the purpose to attract heroes and kill them. The balance is needed - if you're not wanted the Heroes will go somewhere else. If you are wanted be sure you can take on those Heroes.

I also picked up the expansion set and it was well worth it. The extra depth of game play was a nice touch and the game has stayed fresh each time I've played it.

Number 1 Magic the Gathering
This year was finished Theros, brought out Magic 2015, Commander 2015, and Khans of Tarkir.
Ugin is previewed for early next year. The Lithomancer is finally shown and Commander 2015 was so well done.

This year also included my new favorite mechanic in Magic: Tribute.

This has been a great year to jump back into Magic the Gathering.