18 Nov 2014

What's Up Dozer?

Seems the Kittens jammed up all my tubes and this is coming out late, sorry for the mid morning post folks. - Dozer

My new job is to write and teach.

Not sexy things like novels, screen plays, and comic books. Nope I write and teach course material.

What the fuck does that mean?

I write the lessons, aid memoirs, and text books (my largest will be close to 600 pages). I can then teach others to take the above course material and go forth to teach as needed. I'm both an educator and a writer.

Both (writing and teaching) have been dreams of mine but in another way.

I wanted to teach in highschool - not adult learners who sometimes think they know better or more than me. I hate having to prove to my students that I know what I'm talking about. I dislike having to deal with supposed 'adults' who are acting worse than a child simply because the material I'm teaching challenges their view of *blank*. They always come around but their preconception and previous experience sometimes can really get in the way rather than be part of a faster and efficient transition of information...

I wanted to write the sexy things listed above. I've been working on my own Role Playing Game on and off for a few years now. Over the years with input from Brother Bear and CP aka Husband to Julia of the Weather Vane Sisterhood, I've thrown down enough to play. I add new rules and clean up things every so often but I let it fall aside far too long and far too often. I'm still not writing what I want ...

Now I love my new job.

It pays well and I'm not living on the otherside of the day. I'm using my education and previous work experience (almost all of which was needed to get this job) as if this position was tailored for me. I have great hours, plenty of room to breath, and freedom to come and go as needed within the restrictions of the material. It has plenty of room for me to advance - if I want to. I can continue in this carrier path for quite some time if my reputation continues in the direction I'm going.

I have plenty of hobbies, they take up most of this very blog. So I've decided to write every lunch break (30mins) on a project a month.

This comming December I will be working on my RPG - Grey Matter. Every lunch break I take, I will open my file and kick back into Grey Matter. At the end of month of December, I'll announce my Janurary project.

Now that I got my life back it's time I start living it.

Part of that is working towards my dreams no matter if I reach them or not.