26 Nov 2014

What fun I found Today #6 - Magic

Big things story wise for Magic is the release of the Lithomancer identity. Sorin Markov is my favorite Planeswalker with Gideon Jura right behind him followed by Ajani. I play blue but none of the Blue planeswalkers interest me. I hate Chandra or I wish she did something more than simply freak out at everything. I think I hate the wasted possibility of her character almost as much. The rest just don't interest me. The rest of them are pretty bleh or they simply have yet to steal my interest - until Teferi came out.

The Lithomancer is one of the three Planeswalkers that imprisoned the Eldrazi with Sorin Markov and Ugin. She's been a unknown for quite some time and being able to finally know who she is, I think will be a big push story wise in the Magic meta.

Cast Through Time - 4UUU
Cast Through Time
by Wizards of the Coast

Blue has some great spells - I think that Blue has the best spells. Not because I'm a fan of Blue but because, Blue is about utility and options.

Cast Through Time is one of those spells that makes Blue better. Being able to cast a spell twice is awesome. Being able to cast the spell twice for free - even better.

This is a late game changer. Cast Through Time is not cheep to play, so unless you're ramping (getting access to mana very quickly) this is coming out later.

Secondly late in the game folks are setting up their final plays and this card will give its player twice the return for each push. If you see this card know that the end game will be coming in the form of a sorcery or instant.

Thought Prison - 5

Thought Prison
by Wizards of the Coast
Now this card is a big deal and I'm eager to put this into some of my decks. Exiling a card from my opponents hand and then making them pay when ever they cast a spell of the same cost or colour (effects wont double if they meet both criteria) by hurting them for two damage.

Now two damage does not sound like much - until you think. In a mono 60 card, 20 life match you have just told your opponent they have ten spells to cast unless they can regain life. In commander I've seen folks drop two or three spells a turn and throw down the odd instant - if they are running a mono deck they are just getting pin pricked to death with very little work from me.

Be careful with the Thought Prison it affects ALL players. Including the caster of this bump in the road. My last Commander match had three players using White and two players using Red, putting this thing out would have rocked.

Lord of Shatterskull Pass
by Wizards of the Coast
Lord of Shatterskull Pass - 3R

For a converted cost cost of 4 mana, getting a 3/3 Minotaur is not bad. Minotaurs are traditionally 2/3 creatures so the extra kick is pretty good. Now this creature is also the first leveling creature I've posted on about. For a cost of 1R, a player may level up the creature. Upon reaching level 1 and until it reaches level 6, this creature is a 6/6!

Boom. So for a total of 6 mana (3R+1R=4RR), you will get a 6/6 Minotaur. Now I play a Minotaur deck and when I run it I tend to get Haste pretty quickly allowing me to level this monster up right off after summoning it. Now if you invest some mana into it, in many cases it's because you have nothing to cast - which is a great time to level a creature, if you get it to level 6 magic happens.

It will do 6 damage to each creature a defending player has. That player is playing a token deck - well unless they have a toughness of 6 they are all dead. Goblins, Zombies, Elves, Soldiers... all those sexy token and non token creatures - Dead. Game over man game over.

Beseech the Queen - 2/B 2/B 2/B
Beseech the Queen
by Wizards of the Coast

Now this card is a bit odd but very handy and if you get this when you're looking for something else you'll be happy it was in here.

Now this card cost only 3 Black, but if you're lacking the mana or you simply don't want to dip into your Black mana pool you can instead pay 2 colourless for each Black mana you want to supplement.

What this card lets you do is go looking for a card, show it, and put it into your hand.

Simple and yet so very spooky. A great way to play mind games with your opponents who will be waiting for that next card. A Blue player will hold onto a counter spell for that card and let some of your other spells go through...

This is a great mind twist with the bonus of actually getting what you're looking for.

Seton's Scout - 1G
Seton's Scout
by Wizards of the Coast

This is an older card but it's really great for a cheap blocker. Costing 2 mana, this thing can block early in the game those pesky Blue and White flyers. It also does 2 damage which early in the game will kill most flyers.

The reason I like this card is the mid game bump.

When you have seven cards in the graveyard - because you got milled or you've just been simply playing the game, this creature gets a passive +2/+2 just because.

A 4/3 for 2 mana yes please.

Also the air blocking is a big deal for Green which really has limited options for blocking flyers.

If you're looking for a cheap but efficient blocker - you've found one in Seton's Scout.

Kataki, War's Wage - 1W
Kataki, War's Wage
by Wizards of the Coast

This monster of a creature is a real pain in the ass.

If you build a non-artifact deck you can avoid this creature's ability. If your opponent is playing an artifact deck they will hate you.

For a low cost of 2 mana, Kataki will ruin a player's day.

Now note one thing about the ability. It says sacrifice, that means it will be blow up those pesky indestructible artifacts because its sacrifice not destroy.

Ahh you silly Darksteel Forge - go fuck yourself. Dear artifact lands - eat it. God artifacts - yeah good for you.

Kataki is brilliant.