5 Nov 2014

What fun I found today #5 - Magic

Well the work on my new Mill deck continues.

Right now my current mill deck has Consuming Aberration, Wights of Precinct Six, and Phenax as my corner stones with as much efficient milling as possible. Once the graveyards get big and fat due to the milling - walk over with super fat bombs. Best case scenario - Cast Traumatize, with a Consuming Aberration and Phenax in play. Tap the Consuming Aberration and vola all the cards are gone - deck milled.

Turn seven perfect.

Now I'm working on a faster smoother ride to mill town. I'll have a post on my build and the lessons learned once it's done.

Last week we had a bit of fun with the You Tube but lets back to looking at fancy new cards I found.

Distant Memories - 2UU

Distant Memories
by Wizards of the Coast
This card looks like buckets of fun for my mono Blue Commander deck. I'm also looking at a choose your own fate deck where I'll play cards like this and Fact or Fiction to let players pick how I move up.

Give some illusion of control.

In reallity getting the card you want is brilliant - drawing three cards as an alternative is pretty neat. Picking a card that is just enough to make players think to let you draw three while not hurting your own game will be the way this sucker gets played.

Drawing three cards is a powerful draw at a cost of 4 that's really good. The extra cost of a semi-good card (if chosen correctly) is not a bad secondary cost. Being able to go into your deck and pick anything you want is dangerous.

Real life mind games - playing the opponent instead of the game... ahh brilliant.

Fog - G

by Wizards of the Coast
This card is a cheep common.

It's really simple and easy to use.

It's almost perfect.

For one simple Green mana you prevent all combat damage. Save your troops when things wrong during your combat - Awesome. Be able to throw everything at an opponent knowing your have Fog in your hand for their retaliatory responce - Woot.

Fog is easy to pick up and find. It's a fucking common. There have been too many times when shortly after I jumped back into the game, my opponent played this and laughed as I glared at my last ditch attack fumble and falter.

This is a brutal card at a cheep cost. The only price that players now look at is 'Is this worth the space in my deck?'. Sometimes it is...

Umbral Mantle - 3

Umbral Mantle
by Wizards of the Coast
When playing a defensive game, Vigilance is a brilliant power. Using this artifact to be able to untap and boost a creature on the fly for only 3 mana is awesome.

Yet I see this card being used for far to many anoying cards.

For 3 mana you can untap and access the activated Tap ability of cards like Echo Mage, Jace's Archivist, and Skyward Eye Prophets. Being able to uptap them as needed is pretty handy. Also Theros Block had the new Inspired mechanic that showed up in the Born of the Gods set.

This can be very handy depending on how you build you deck. When a player does consider the Umbral Mantle they should pay close attention to the cheep Equip cost:


3 cost untapping artifiact sounds ok - an Equip cost of 0 makes it more and might push it over the cut line when a player is building their deck.

Cruel Edict - 1B
Cruel Edict
by Wizards of the Coast
Removal is a key feature in Magic the Gathering. Removal is the ability to remove a card from play. A direct damage spell, simple distruction, there are plenty of removals in Red and in Black.

With all the indistructable that was floating around in Theros block, the ability to remove was suddenly limited. Players had to get around the industructable ability.

Sacrafice was a go to for quite a few Black players.

Being able to force an opponent to sacrafice a card in play is a brilliant way to skip past the industructable ability and force that card off the table.

In Commnader getting cards being able to ignore removal is being seen in my own meta a lot more. This card is a solution to that problem my Dimir (Blue/Black) Commander deck is looking like it might find a place with Cruel Edict.

Knollspine Dragon - 5RR

Knollspire Dragon
by Wizards of the Coast
Red has a slew of Dragon in the pocket.

The Knollspine Dragon is unique in allowing a Red player to suddenly draw a slew of cards in their mid-late game. Red is regularly plagued with the innability to not finish a game late in play. The longer a game goes, unless prepaired for or some luky draws happen, the less likely a Red player will be able to bring home the bacon.

Being able to draw a slew of cards late into the game suddenly gives a Red player a slew of options that they may not have had. In my meta, Red players tend to have little to no cards in their hands. Being able to throw them away and drawing a load of cards equal to damage once this bad boy comes out would really give a Red player a late game chance even if they didn't plan for it.

Of course being a 7/5 flyer is nothing to ignore as well. I see myself throwing away a few creatures to my opponents swords to max the damage I do to them and then bump my hand to a hopeful winnable state.

Hold the Line - 1WW
Hold the Line
by Wizards of the Coast
There are moments that you need to show up to a fight with a bazoka.

There are fights where you lack such.

This is that very thing - the bazoka.

For a cheep converted cost of 3 mana, you are able to give all your creatures +7/+7. It's a very sudden and very powerful shift in power.

Many a Green player has won a match on the surprise of a Giant Growth. That bump to a defense or to make an attacker being able to survive or deal a killing blow to a defender is a brilliant option.

White is lucky to be able to lure a horde of creatures to their death by simply giving all blockers +7/+7 and watching their opponent sputter.


This was fun, see you next week with hopefully more on the spoilers that are coming out for Commander 2014.