20 Nov 2014

The Burner

Last week, I took a week off due to Remeberance Day. Seems all the schedule'd posts got mixed up - I may have set them up at some dark morning hour evening. Also I got behind with everything going on in November: Remeberance Day (and the work up to the day), the birthdays of Meat Mechanic, Pale Rider, Dawn Seeker, Dutch Pirate, Lady in Red, and more...

Seriously this is simply madness... but don't forget our sudden drop in weather with all that new snow. Swapping out all-season tires for winter tires, leaving early because the first snows make people scared (as if this dson't happen every year... this being WINTER!), and all those new video games.

So this post is simple - this is what's on the burner.

The Family
Well Papa Bear is somewhere in Bangledesh. Brother and Sister Bear are dealing with the brand new Baby Bear. I'm making sure to spend time with Mama Bear who is waiting for Papa to get back mid December (who left Mid October)... also there is this Holiday season coming up...

We have this season a game of 1940's Axis and Allies (Europe and Pacific) being planned once Papa Bear gets back. You can take both games (second edition) and play them as one HUGE game. We have a origional MB copy of the game that Papa Picked up when I was in the 3rd grade. Me, Him and four others will be locked in the stratagies of WWII.

I also get to cook Christmas dinner (as we celebrate Christmas) once agian - a duty I've done since 2005 with great joy. I may hate this Holiday but I don't wana grump it up for everyone else. I've gotten the family to stop doing gift exchange and with me cooking I'm locked away and no longer poluting the family's fun holiday spirit.

Also my gift list just doubled. I have Lady Bear and now Baby Bear to buy for. Which is easy since he is getting LEGO every year until he can buy his own and a book. His birthday is only LEGO. I will drown Brother Bear's house in LEGO which will be easy since Sister Bear is a fan of the toy brick system.

The Lab
The lab (where I do all my crafts and painting) is full to the brim. I have a slew of minis that need attention. I finaly got an air brush and for a solid week - I was getting minis painted like mad. It came to a stop when I realised I was out of Dip (aka Army Painter Quickshade). I hit all my LGS (Local Game Stores) and found that everyone was also out of dip. Suddenly all those minis - A full unit or Arcane Tempest Gunamges (7 minis), Croe's Cutthroats (10 minis), Rheinholt, Raluk, Harlan, and my Kovas all done in a single week sitting there undipped.

Painting came to a stop. By the time I got some Dip, my terrain order from the US came in, and paid for my pre-order of N3 Remeberance Day kicked in and all work stopped. I've yet to jump back in and the door to the lab is ominus these days. I also need to get some more resin to make some more bases and bang out a slew of those real quick so I have bases done for all of these new minis.

I've got this Saturday off and I've decided to paint the crap out of stuff and take advantage of the time. I've also started reviews for Infinity: Operation Ice Storm and the terrain I had ordered from the US. I'm also running a new IKRPG campaign out of the No Quarter series of pre-made adventures and Ontos is getting ready to run a new Star Wars RPG campaign, which the new Force and Destiny book is showing the most brilliant method of doing light and dark side I've ever seen.

The Library
Another aspect of the flat is the Library where me and Lady Bear collect all of our readings. She just got Vol 5. of the current 'new 52' Wonder Woman run and Vol 4. of Batwoman. I picked up the second last volume, number 30, of Blade of the Immortal. A long running series that I've been collecting since 1999 when it first came out to North America. I also have Second Sargent's Strain trilogy sitting on my shelf waiting to get read once I slow the fuck down and time becomes more fluid.

Another release that came out this month was Commander 2014. I've gone on about it for some time here on the blog so it's no surpirse that I've picked those up. Some of my cards came with miss printed backs - ok no issues I tend not to sell and I use sleaves. I've only played a handfull of games since and I've not messed with the decks which is a damn shame with all the fun I've had with the few games I've played. I havn't even had time to sleave my new decks - that's how much they have been neglected.

I've got a few more Commander decks on the works. A Blue/White control deck. A second mono Blue deck. A Black/White death touch, first strike deck. A Red/Green land drop and destroy deck. Plus updating my current Blue/Black modern mill deck to now include a side board and a whole other method of Milling.

The Lounge
This is where the TV rests.

I have an XBox One.

I crossed over into the 8th generation. Which has been bad and good. I work eight hours at my new job. On Tuesdays, Fridays and so far only one Saturday this month I work my second job which took up a lot of time due to November the 11th - not a bad thing. Also I helped out a few folks with repairs, setups, and general help.

This past Sunday afternoon I left my flat at one in the afternoon, I got back by ten in the evening but I had setup Rocko's internet, network and showed him around some new PCs. I left his place to pick up supplies from Second Sargeant for Meat Mechanic, fix his front hall pot light, go over his very dead PC before we took a break and played some X-COM (co-operativly). I then hit Meat Mechanics place and did a quick look on her TV to see if I can fix it and dropped off the stuff she needed to borrow.

So when I get home on some nights I be fucking tired but I have to help out around the flat - which come end of Dec we will be putting in our end of lease notice. Those day to day things: cleaning up, cooking (which I'm loving - gald to be doing that again), taking care of the pooch, and making sure to do right by Lady Bear.

So video games and Netflix are the go to veg out activities when the body is so drained that you have little juice left to be contrusctive.

Parks and Rec (oh god season 1 was bad - skip it) has been the TV show me and Lady Bear are watching. It's funny, quirky, and has some real heartwarming scenes. Also I finished season one of the Blacklist which was loads of fun and sometimes getting too far into its own hype. Mid and late season is where it's strongest but the final episodes of the season were weak and only there to ramp up for season 2. The Legend of Kora has been brilliant and with seven out of thirteen episodes done the end of the Avatar cartoon is coming at a break neck pace.

In the world of video games it's a bit different. I picked up Assassin's Creed: Unity and I'm waiting on Brother Bear to finish Assassin's Creed: Rogue (which I will play after he finishes it) so we can play online together. Until he's ready I've been deep into Shadows of Mordor - as of last night I've completed every side quest and picked up every collectable and it had been a blast. Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition dropped on Tuesday but they are in a holding patern. I'll get Far Cry 4 before Dragon Age simply because I can wait for Dragon Age and all the DLC to be included in some super pack after it's all released. Far Cry 4 will be a great time sink once I need a escape from the Lab and Library.


In closing I've got a lot on the burner - did I forget I have a blog I work on as well...

- Cheers