21 Nov 2014

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 05

Purgatory Station
by Bioware
After Kaiden and Horizon Shepard decided to take the time to reflect on the last two dossier missions that had happened before Horizon - Both of these missions were quick and dirty. I didn't even think about them much until after Horizon so Shepard is also going back to reminisce about those two missions before going to Illium.  

The first was Jack - a violent and powerful human biotic imprisoned on Purgatory. Purgatory was a for-profit prison space ship located in the Osun system of the Hourglass Nebula.

Her dossier had listed her with a long list of capital crimes. Violence and destruction seemed to litter her file. Jack was called 'the powerful human biotic', high praise from Cerberus.

Little did Shepard know.

Purgatory was a Arc Ship lost during the Human-Turian war that became a for-profit jail protected and run by the Blue Suns mercenary group. It was currently being run by Warden Kuril a Turian who had given up life as a law officer on Palaven due to disillusionment in catching criminals.

Jack being woken from stasis
by Bioware
He greeted Shepard and the rest of the assault team. Kuril explained that Cerberus had paid for Jack's release and she would be waiting for Shepard at outprocessing.

When Shepard arrived - Kuril sent in his guards to put down the team. Over the intercom he explained that Shepard had a bounty on his head.

Garrus was the first to shoot dropping a guard coming through the doorway to subdue the team. Shepard was less than a second behind the round striking the Blue Suns merc following up with a Biotic Charge on the second guard. The fighting ended with another shimmer of light as Kasumi uncloaked and cut down the last of the guards.

Then the stations shook - Jack was loose. She was tearing her way through the whole ship. Guards were scrambling and prisoners were escaping.

Shepard and the assault team led a running gun battle through Purgatory. The team met each group of guards with a vengeful gusto. In the end Shepard found Kuril. Kruil protected by powerful shield generators pleads with Shepard saying he is doing this for the betterment of the galaxy.

It takes the team only a few moments to drop the shield generators protecting Kruil. Shepard leaping forward smashing the equipment before moving onto the next. While Garrus blows one away with his concussion shot. The shields drop and Shepard drops Kuril.

The team find Jack as they escape the ruined ship - reluctant to join due to a unknown hate of Cerberus. Shepard convinces her that he is working 'with' Cerberus and not 'for' the organization. When Shepard finds Miranda welcoming Jack to the crew - Shepard calms the two biotics by giving Jack access to all of the Cerberus files found on the Normandy.

Jack retreated to the depths of the ship pouring obsessively over files. Shepard left her alone before he led to the team to Kolus.
by Bioware

On the planet Kolus. Known to be littered with the remains of thousands of spacecraft, Kolus is a junk planet.

Here in a Blue Suns base Dr. Okeer a famous scientist and Krogan who as per the records had some experience with the Collectors.

Shepard found himself landing shy of the base due to defensive systems that would endanger the team. Upon landing Shepard and the team find themselves caught between strange empty Krogen and Blue Suns mercs fighting each other. Upon finding one of the Krogen staring at the distance. Shepard discovers that these Krogen are all clones.

Okeer is cloning Krogen and the rejects are being sent out to help train Blue Suns.

Such a waste of life. Shepard and the assault team met each Blue Suns hunter team with greater force. Putting each one down with little regard for any outcome other than total annihilation. He reached a medical station being manned by Rana Thanoptis. The Asari who Shepard had met on Virmir.

Virmir where Ash died.

Virmir where Saren was trying to cure the genophage.

Commander Jedore
by Bioware
Rana once more was helping but this time it was Okeer. She explained that the Blue Sun commander was Jedore and she had hired Okeer to build her an army of clone Krogen and she would fun his research.

Rana was let go once more. Shepard had enough of the Blue Suns. They had tried to kill him on Omega and capture him on Purgatory.

Now they were breeding Korgen, mindless Krogen as fodder and shock troopers.

Shepard and the team finally breached Okeers lad and found him trying to finalise work on a stasis chamber holding the culmination of his work. Okeer had no designs to find a cure for the Krogen instead he was purifying the Krogen genetic code in hopes to make a perfect Krogen.

He explained all of this to Shepard without blinking as if it truly made sense. He demanded that Shepard put down Jedore while he secured his work - the creature in stasis. Jedore began pumping toxic gas into the lab. Okeer adamant on not leaving his work - gave Shepard two choices. Watch him die or save him and his work so he could give Shepard everything he knew on the Collectors.

Shepard was ok with this deal. He led the assault team out of the lab and started to shut down the gas systems. Jedore herself confronted the team with a assault Mech. She should have ran - Shepard let the team handle the Mech and proceeded to fire his shotgun at her while closing in. He charged in slamming her back and fired off another pair of shotgun blasts close range.

Jedore was tough and she was still standing, she recovered and fired back leaving Shepard in danger. Until Garrus shot her. The round struck her from behind and punched through her torso. She slumped forward Shepard at her knees almost gone.

With the lab safe Shepard and the team returned to Okeer only to find his body and the stasis capsule.

He called Joker for extraction hoping that the creature within would be worth all of this loss.


Shepard shook off the memories and rose from his desk. Descending into the cargo hold. Horizon, Kolus, Virmir. So much gone, so much lost. Kaiden and Ash were both gone. Kaiden couldn't trust him and Ash died to save them all.

He walked into the cargo chamber and opened the stasis chamber. The 'perfect' Korgen slowly work in a furry and slammed into Shepard.

It was powerful and full of rage. He spoke of voices and hunger. Shepard had enough it would be easy to take everything out on this Krogan. Yet he stopped - this was just like the Krogen clones. It was lost and alone. Shepard held his ground and instead of fighting back let the creatures rage wash over him. By the time it blinked and calmed it realised that Shepard could have killed it.

It called itself Grunt. It needed to fight.

After everything Shepard and his crew had met - he'd give Grunt a fight.

Joker called down as Shepard left the hold. They had arrived at Illium... Liara.


I had skipped the other two dossier missions last entry simply because they had little to do with Shepard's direction. I played them and then ignored them Jack fled into the bowels of the Normandy and I didn't open Grunt's chamber until after Horizon but before I traveled to Illium.

These missions were just reminders of his choices and the darkness he had yet to explore. Shepard was reminded once more that he was naive once more. He was walking into the dark and this was much darker than before. Omega, Purgatory... these places were like nothing he had ever seen.

Shepard was going deep into the rabbit hole but he was always reaching out for things to keep him in the light. Losing Kaiden was hard, hopefully Shepard would get Liara back.

He needed a win.

He needed a light in the dark.