28 Nov 2014

I am a Nerd

I've always been a Nerd. I've been called a nerd since I was a wee Dozer jumping around the world with my parents. Before I was in grade three I had already finsihed my dad's copy of the first three Grailquest chose your own adventure books. I was eyes deep in Fighting Fantasy series having worked out the Portal of Evil before we moved to Thornhill (a Toronto suburb) in grade four. Speaking of forth grade, I was writing simple programs from my Apple 2c from my 321 Contact magazine and I was an avid fan of Mathnet. Once grade five hit I was fully emersed with Mykit System 7 playing and making simple circuits. 

I am not a Geek -

What's the difference?

I like what this says about the issue, see you after the break

From what I've been able to gather Geeks love Nerdy things, Nerds make Nerdy things. Geeks will trend while Nerds simply are. Neither of which is a bad thing. Geeks love my hobbies as much as I do, but odds are I will have been into them for a longer period of time and I'll stay longer as well. I played Magic the Gathering in September of 1994. I've been playing it on and off for years in various formats - on my Xbox, online PC, and over the last year - physically. I've trended Magic the Gathering but between bouts of Magic I was playing other Collectable Card Games(CCG's): Spellfire, Kindred the Embraced (origionally Jyhad), Overpower, Aliens vs Preditor, Netrunner, Game of Thrones, and lastly and best of all Babylon 5. I'm a Magic Geek but I'm a CCG Nerd.

Now most of my friends are Nerds and I have quite a few mates who are also Geeks. I am also not into maths and sciences professionaly. I find it interesting and keep abreast of some of the neat things science is doing. I'm a arts student yet I'm still a Nerd.

Because I made Nerdy things: In grade two I made (wrote and drew) my first He-Man knock off series of books. Falcon. I used to run around and pretend to be a transformer even so much as laying on the ground to make sure eveyone knew I was in my vehicle mode. In grade four I was writing about Beetlejuice Jr. When we came to Ottawa I had already make two issues of my very first comicbook creation that I passed around and made some friends. Throughout highschool I always writing and creating games, comics, stories, and adventures.

I've been trying to make my own RPG for the last couple of years. I've got Alpha builds of a dozen boardgames, card games, and table top games. I'm interested in how the game mechanicaly plays as much as it practicaly plays. I have a list of top 5 dice mechanics - seriously... dice mechanics for role-playing games and table top games. Not in (the ever changing) order but the top five are: Storyteller - nWOD, Roll and Keep - Lot5R, AGE - Dragon Age, d6 - West End Games, and Silhouette - Heavy Gear. I love the mechanics for good vs bad that Fantasy Flight Games' uses in the current run of their Star Wars RPG (Force and Destiny BETA shows eve more depth to a neat mechanic). IKRPG's career mechanic overtook Warhammer Fantasy RPG's (1st and 2nd edition only) career mechanics as my favorite. Who looks at games like this - Nerds.

Yeah I'm a Nerd.

I love Star Wars because the story of lazer sword weilding space wizards was done better then the rest of the Flash Gorden type of campy sci-fi. I also enjoy my Star Trek but it tries to be too serious sometimes, yet when it does serious toned episodes it does so very well. Deep Space Nine is my favorite of the Star Trek series much to many a fans distaste. Yet Firefly also fits on the top five of sci-fi series because it can do both so well and the characters are far more interesting at times. Battlestar Galactica was pretty good, even though my feelings over the ending are less than positive. It falls short to the Stargate SG-1 show. My favorite sci-fi series is Babylon 5, once more a bone of conflict between many a sci-fi fan... it's seriously a running gag to that popular show 'Big Bang' TV sitcom.

I can go on about all my favorite things nerdy or geeky. Hell buckets of of posts here on this very blog are lists and rants of favorite things... like the Mass Effect post that was suposed to be here instead.

Just know I'm a Nerd.

- Cheers