23 Oct 2014

Where am I - Comics

Comics have been one of the great loves.

I've been playing chose your own adventure games since I was in the third grade. I've been reading comics since the fourth grade - the same year Papa Bear and Mama Bear put me through my first game of D&D.

Comixology was the cheep way for me to get my comics - as I made fuck all in moneys, so the digital option fit the bill. Recently over the past year, Lady Bear has been reading comics instead of me. She picks up Trade Paper Backs (TPB), while I browse through the issues on the stands and look at the TPB's I want to add to my collection.

I'm not a monthly subscriber anymore - it's too much of a pain in the ass, I prefer the pace and full story arcs found in TPBs. Storing all those individual issues is no longer part of the fun. I've grown up and time in the day is now limited. Also I prefer to read on the go, which single issues tend to not survive.

Some of my favorite characters are not getting good stories - that or the last couple of time have been a bit on the poor showing side of things and the clean up may not be that much better. Example Nightwing a favorite of mine had some pretty good story arcs - they moved the character out with a new creative team before killing Dick Grayson off and making him now a super spy. Reboot seems a bit harsh, it only had just over two years of play. I guess they didnt know what to write - it's not like there is close to 75 years of stories that need to get a modern twist since the 'new 52' is everything old is new... yeah- fuck it, reboot!

Yet I'm flipping through the Grayson (the new series) and it's not bad so far - so far. It just seems like a bit of a waste since odd are on DC will make a big deal about Dick Grayson putting back the old Nightwing costume on again, instead of sticking with the change long term like when Robin quit and became Nightwing...

It's a bit sad, but it's also the current business.

TPB's I need to collect.

Hellboy - BPRD

I have most of the TPBs but I have a BPRD hole in my TPBs and I stopped Hellboy when the series went on hiatus. Hellboys return to comics has been good but I've not had the money to keep up. Great stories, art - creative staff willing to take risks and live with the low points making high points that much better. It's not perfect but it's better than being simply good.
Score: 4

Flash (new 52)

I have plenty of the singles from comixology but now it's time to pick up my TPBs. Flash now has a TV series so I expect DC to treat the scarlet speedster with a bit more love then he's gotten in the past. The new take on Barry Allen, and Wally West, started off pretty well. The stories have had highs and lows yet the series keeps on ticking. I'm even interested in the Rogues TPB because the current 52 version has been pretty strong so far.
Score: 4

Nightwing & Talon (new 52)

Another transfer from digital to hardcopy story. The last Nightwing run was pretty good and so was the short lived Talon series. Talon carries on into Birds of Prey but not very well, and that's sad, but the original run was pretty good and good enough to pick up. Nightwing had some great teams but the change of team was foretelling the series end, once more a bit sad.
Score: 4

Batman (new 52)

The Capullo/Snyder team had taken lots of my money and the first few TPBs are already picked up now I need to catch up. Now that the multiple TPB Zero Year story arc is done, I'm more willing to pick up the TPBs since I want whole stories and not half stories.
Score: 5


I've been collecting these TPBs since the series started and it is currently the best Superhero series in print. I've got 19 TPBs and I'm happy to keep buy them year after year as long as the quality stays the way it is and the team keeps taking Invincible to new places even if we don't like them. This guy changes and it's still well done.
Score: 5

Spiderman 2099

Miguel O'Hara is my favorite Spiderman of all time. I'm so far liking the Gwen Stacy Spiderwoman we've seen and I like the idea of Miles as the replacement for Peter Parker. I loved the 2099 reality, so much so I almost have gone back to search for Exiles TPB that include Spiderman 2099. Now that he is here in our time - which cannot last. I'm interested in picking it up to read. Beside Peter David the original writer is working on the current series and he's awesome. Maybe Spiderman 2099 can get back to 2099 before it went all silly and they can turn other titles like Punisher 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099 while ignoring the X-men 2099 books and the Ravage 2099 book. I'd even like to see Doom approach Miguel as they met back in the year 2099. I know this will be a limited run and never become a staple series but I still want to read this.
Score: 3