22 Oct 2014

What fun I found today #4 - Magic

This week has been pretty heavy with some Magic playing. Plenty of game playing, deck testing, and as per the game money spending. Lady Bear has her first card that is worth money that was not pulled from a booster pack.

Pale Rider and Wolf both decided to double sleeve with their respective Commander decks. Wolf goblin deck was pretty slick.

Oh and I got milled! Alter of the Brood, Midnight Guard, Onithopter and a bounce card led to unlimited milling in standard! Crazy fun.

These are some neat things this week for you to look at.

- Cheers

Boom - 1R // Bust - 5R

Boom // Bust
by Wizards of the Coast
The first dual card I'm going over is a find that made Pale Rider wonder why he'd pick this card.

I explained that the card is good because of the option. Destroy one land or all lands - your pick. It's two spells in one.

In an early game it a great way to set your opponent back who may be short on mana or is trying to ramp up to a larger card in their hand. Either way losing land early in the game is bad juju.

Bust is a wipe card - keep a few lands on the side and drop this sucker and watch your opponent scramble to suddenly get some land out ASAP in order to keep up their momentum. If you play this mid game it can ruin a player's final run or attrition game. Blue players will stumble with creatures, Black/White players will miss out on their larger tricks, Green will hopefully not have searched their deck for all their land when you drop this, and Red players may find the lack of direct damage or buffs really a stumbling block as Red is closer to an end run mid game in most cases.

Reality Acid - 2U
Reality Acid
by Wizards of the Coast

Yeah this one is a keeper and has found a home in my decks and those of my group of friends with whom I play with. Reality Acid is a pain for a first time victim. Explaining how it works can be jarring the first time it shows up so be slow as you ruin that enchanted permanent.

Handy and cheap for 3 converted mana you force a player to sacrifice what ever permanent that gets targeted by the caster of this spell.

That's a creature, another enchantment, a land, an artifact. Doesn't matter if it's indestructible - in three turns you are forced to chuck it.

Gona happen, too bad for you.


Azusa, Lost but Seeking - 2G
Azusa, Lost but Seeking
by Wizards of the Coast

While looking for a Green commander for an EDH (aka Commander) format deck I ran into this little jewl. I skipped over her every time, but I always came back.

For one she is a cheep and therefore an early game commander. In Commander (aka EDH - the two terms switch regularly when players gabber) getting your commander out soon can be quite the advantage.

When the advantage is playing extra lands a turn suddenly those fetch (where a card searches you deck to put into play, normaly tapped) lands seem silly. Her ability would allow a player with two mana, drop a land, cast the commander, then drop two more lands. Turn 3 and you have 5 lands. Crazy.

Add in all those landfall effects and wow - lets just say I'm thikning about it and she's the reason.

Burn at the Stake - 2RRR

Burn at the Stake
by Wizards of the Coast
Wolf has finally got his goblin tribal (where it keeps only creatures of the same type) Commander deck up and running. This card seemed like an instant fit for his deck.

For one this card only has a converted mana cost of 5. For a hard hitting direct damage Red spell, that's pretty good when you look at the damage this thing can do.

When I last saw Wolf's Goblin deck I saw close to 12 goblins on the battlefield. Dropping this card he would have smoked me for 36 points of damage, IF I would have that much to spare. His goblin deck is very agressive so I've been pin pricked more then once and I'm closer to 20 than 30.

When playing with Pale Rider's White/Red Boros Commander deck - his wee soldier tokens could easy do buckets of direct damage. Even worse if Pale Rider has a damage multiplyer up and running. Five 1/1 soliders sundenly doing 15 damage or 30 damage just for five mana... damn

Debtor's Pulpit - 4W
Debtor's Pulpit
by Wizards of the Coast

This card was found while randomly looking about for a neat card to show up on the site. Now it's being considered for the revival of my Blue/White control deck. Control decks are decks where you limit a opponents actions by shutting down or controlling their creatures. The easy way to do this is by simply tapping your opponents creatures.

It's a bit pricy but to simply tap an unused land as needed to keep an opponents creature down. Very nasty and very handy to have in a player's back pocket.

I've sat around with my control deck mid-late game and I'm sitting on tons of unused mana at the end of every turn. By this time my larger creatures are down, and I'm just tapping out my oppoennets larger creatures - letting his smaller ones to simmer on the defensive side of the game. I like controlling pace more than anything. If I would have had this card with me I would have had more options when it came to locking down a players card.

Layline of the Void - 2BB

Layline of the Void
by Wizards of the Coast
The last card of this week is a card that is now on a very short list.

I love to mill and I've always wanted to look at a deck that also exiled cards keeping them from comming back.

This card does that in spades. A cheep converted mana cost of 4 or free if you get this in your opening hand. Suddenly a fast acting Mill deck comes to mind.

Hedron Crabs and Alter of the Brood would result in the exiling of 4 cards every time from the top of deck from the second turn onwards. Slap in another Hedron Crab and each land is milling plus exile 7 cards.

After your initial hand of 7 cards, that leaves you 53 cards in a tight 60 card deck. How many times can a player mill into exile?

That's a question I want to know.