8 Oct 2014

What Fun I found today #2 - Magic

I'm trying another search for random Magic cards that have crossed my path in my search for new fancy cards. Some may have crossed my path when they took me to town and ruined my day.

Don't matter hope you enjoy this weeks selection after the break.

- Dozer

Eidolon of Rhetoric - 2W
Eidolon of Rhetoric
by Wizards of the Coast
With the new mechanics like Raid (when cast after you've made an attack to gain extra/enhanced effect) and Prowess (+1/+1, until end of turn if you've cast a non-creature spell). A card that limits your ability to cast cards can be quite powerful.

Here is the Eidolon of Rhetoric from Journy into Nix, the last set of the Theros block. A 1/4 blocker for a converted cost of 3 is pretty nice - saying that each player can only cast ONE spell each turn is bloody well awesome.

In my Blue/White control deck this will cause cursing from the other side of the table. In Commander I can see this being a right pain the ass as it blocks plenty of combos - also if you fail to Murder it you've wasted you're spell for the turn.

Just remember this will also affect the player who brought this pain in the ass in. Sometimes this can hopefully cut your opponents momemtum while allowing you to gather your wits and some resources.

Inferno Titan - 4RR
Inferno Titan
by Wizards of the Coast
Once more I found a big old red bomb to show off in the post and what a literal bomb it can be. When you look at the cost of a creature if the converted mana cost is equal ot less then the power/toughness of the creature - the price is well in the area of fair. 6/6 for a converted cost of 6, yes please. Extra abilities will cost extra - in this cast for the Inferno Titan they are free.

The first power is a R:+1/+0 buff, which Red sports plenty of in its list of creatures. The real deal with this thing is the damage it does just because it showed up or attacks.

Being able to distribute 3 damage anyway you want every time it comes into play and every time it attacks prevents chum (small creatures use as one time block) from getting in the way.

I can seriously see this thing pair up with some haste or trample - both found often in Red to do some real damage. Hasted - this thing can do up to 12 damage the turn it shows up on. Nice...

Slith Strider - 1UU
Slith Strider
by Wizards of the Coast
Blue creatures come with plenty of tricks over the 20 plus years of the Magic the Gathering's lifespan. Some of my favorite abilities let a player draw a card (the most powerful three word sentence in Magic) when they attack or deal damage to an opponent. This is also why Blue tends to have small creatures at exspensive costs.

This little 1/1, 3 cost creature has two neat things. If it get's blocked the player who controls it will draw a card. Combo this with protection abilities, finding a way to bump it, or more commonly bounce (return to your hand) it so it can get summoned and be blocked again.

If it get's let through - and many 1/1s will be let through as it's not worth allocating a defender, this little guy will grow up each time. After a while when it's starting to do some real damage and really grow in size, the Blue player will find ways to have it fly or even become unblockable.

This Mirroden release has really caught my eye and I'm already thinking of ways to add this in many of my Blue decks.

Witchbane Orb - 4
Witchbane Orb
by Wizards of the Coast
This wee artifact is situational but very handy when it does show up to do its thing. For one dropping all those nasty curses is a real nice reward for this 4 cost artifact. The most recent 2013 Commander Decks each had 3 curses (one of each colour) and they were all awesome. Anyone who suffered under a Curse of Echoes will tell you getting rid of that thing is awesome.

Yet that's just a byproduct of playing this orb.

You see this thing makes you Hexproof (You can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control)

Everytime you were the target of a spell of ability, Lava Axe - no more. Gutter Snipe - maybe next time. Traumatize - never again.

I've not yet seen this played - but when it does come out I expect my opponents to get mighty miffed at the little gift from Innistrad.

Viridian Acolyte - G
Viridian Acolyte
by Wizards of the Coast
For the cost of 1 green mana, this wee creature brings an option to the table that is much more significant in the current meta of Three Colour Decks.

The ability to pay G and tap this creature to gain any one mana of any one colour would have changed the game twice for my opponents during the pre-release. Even I would have paid for this ability in my second last game of the event as I dreamed of that third mana colour that never showed up - except as a cost of all the cards in my fucking hand...

I'm sensing with the new trend due to the Khans release a lot of player will be trying to build more Tri-Colour decks. For a Green player this may be worth a spot in your deck. Not because there is nothing better but because when this does come out you may just need it right then and there to save your bacon.

I'm not all that up to date on the Darksteel set but this we little number could have solved so many problems in the last few games I played. A multi-colour Green player may just this wee Elf a home.

Kaervek the Merciless - 5BR
Kaervek the Merciless
by Wizards of the Coast
Last on the list of fun things I found today is this rat bastard. He can be pricey but with some of the Black ramping - that can be mitigated pretty quick.

The 5/4 is a a little on the beefy side. Yet that's not why you put him on the battlefield.

Doing damage to a creature or a player equal to the converted mana cost of an oppenents spell is simply nasty. This sounds more like a Blue/Black spell if not for the direct damage found in Red. It's that dickish that the lack of Blue is surprising.

Big cost Green creature - sure thanks, boom! That X cost Red direct damage spell - ok sure, enjoy the poop. Cancel - for your efforts here is some damage.

Sweet mother of the Magic Gods! If this bastard is your Commander, don't forget once he's done 21 points of damage to a player that player is out of the game. All that player has to do is cast spells -

I want this card.

- Cheers