13 Oct 2014

Thanksgiving - Late

Sorry Folks I was out in the woods. Post got out a wee bit late.

Packed in all the fun
Me, Moby and Lady Bear left the city of Ottawa and drove south to a Cabin three hours away. We also joined two close friends - JRex and Bee there and had ourselves a decompress and relax.

So me and the Mrs grabbed some comics, some novels, and a slew of games. We packed up food and the pooch and hit the road.

Lady Bear brought all her Batwoman TPBs, Fables vol 1 and 6 (her current TPB to read), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen omnibus (Vol 1&2), plus Wonder Woman vol 5, and a copy of Stardust.

Games selection included Pandemic Second Edition (a gift for JRex), the Mrs. copy of Takanoko (it's hers because it was gift from me to her), and a copy of the award winning Ticket to Ride (seriously it won a slew of awards). Throw in my current selection of Netrunner, Love Letter, and my well loved copy of Citadels to round out the games.

I also brought some Magic the Gathering.

Seriously - this was going to be fun.

So here is some images I took with the phone during the weekend.

Lady Bear and the Moby Bear decided to grab some green tea and watch the fog roll away while the sun rose over the woods behind them.

Lady Bear & Moby
Watching the Monday Sun come up
On Saturday I decided to rip through Unremembered Empire by Dan Abnett. The Horus Hersey books have been fun to read, detailing the history of the Warhammer 40k Universe. When it started I was impressed with the stories even though some were only 'ok'.

Lately I have to say that the Ultramarines - the 13th Legion have been the most fun to read. I gave Battle for the Abyss a go and I was very happy with the read. I followed it up with Know No Fear and the Mark of Calth - both had plenty for me to enjoy. I've come to really like the showing of the Primearchs. They have been fun to read about and Roboute Guilliman has been my favorite to to date.
My Saturday - Moby and Abnett
Our dinner was in a screened in section with a table, couch, and it looked over the lake.

The Dinner Venue 
Lady Bear made some stove top stuffing (with extras), homemade cranberry sauces, and roasted to organic Chickens with plenty of butter and spice. JRex followed up with a cauliflower and broccoli cheese casserole cooked on a BBQ alongside sweet maple potatoes and corn on the cob.

Half of the Dinner by JRex
 Lets just say everyone had a good meal and the venue rocked.

Bee and Lady Bear
Thanksgiving Dinner
 - Cheers